Supernatural ‘Our Little World’ Review: So Many Questions…


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

Did I jinx it? After a wonderful start, my expectations for ‘Our Little World’ were pretty high (I know, it’s not safe to have high expectations when it comes to this show), but hey, we had Castiel punching Metatron in the promo! What could go wrong?

Well, putting aside some really awfully directed fight scenes, the episode’s pacing felt pretty off. Actually, the whole episode felt off for some reason, and it wasn’t necessarily the writing. As a matter of fact, Bob Berens said a lot of stuff was edited out because there were too many things going on. It did seem like the episode was rushing many scenes towards the ending.

Let’s move on to the actual events of the episode, though. It’s interesting to see how Dean and Sam aren’t just looking for random hunting cases, but actively looking for Amara. The show is proving once again that they can’t take a break this time and they make sure to comment on Amara and the Darkness as often as possible. They also decide to call Castiel, who has run out of Netflix and is now watching trash TV. This episode also followed the pattern of the last few episodes and included some old school Supernatural: demons, devil traps and talks of choosing exorcism over killing the meatsuit.

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Remember how I said it was refreshing to finally see Team Free Will being free from any external influences? How naïve of me. The tree of them have been shown to have some sort of flashbacks or visions. Dean with adult Amara, Sam seeing first Michael and now seeing the Cage, and Castiel having some sort of PTSD flashbacks of pasts events like Dean beating him up (which links to Metatron telling him that he’s broken and traumatized). But again, it could also be leftovers or Rowena’s curse.

It was obvious that the relationship between Amara and Crowley was unsustainable and had an expiration date. We met that date today as Amara escapes after confronting Dean and Sam. Seeing teen!Amara and Dean talk made me as uncomfortable as watching Annalise and Wes from HTGAWM. Even if it wasn’t meant to be read sexually or romantically, it still came off as creepy. It doesn’t get more symbolic than the personification of the Darkness tempting Dean, right?

Supernatural - Our Little World - The Daily Fandom

‘Religion is dead. The novel, deader’

Both Amara and Metatron managed to escape, although there was some talk on who let go who. Castiel let Metatron go because he believes he’s not a threat (we’ll see about that). At least the angel got the demon tablet and also some useful information from the now pitiful, human Metatron: in order to create the world, God had to sacrifice Amara, his sister. We can deduce from here that Amara would be pissed at God and would want to perhaps destroy, or rule, the world. (I still think that by ‘world’, they meant the whole universe). We do have many questions from this revelation: What does it mean to be God’s sister? Is Amara God’s other half? Or does he have other siblings? Is Amara as powerful as God? Will we finally see God? What about the Cage and Lucifer?

Supernatural is certainly venturing into some deep religious and philosophical territory. And, this time, they’re not following any lore, it’s all made up. Even though this will give them more creative freedom, I’m also hoping that this time they won’t mess or invalidate the show’s canon and still be able to tell a compelling story about God and Amara that actually makes sense.


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I think that Amara might be God’s only sibling. I’m pretty sure that Metatron said that “God had to sacrifice his only kin — his sister, Amara” or something along those lines, meaning that God and Amara would be the only ones. If so, I’m wondering if there’s some sort of duality involved; it’ll be interesting to see what the relationship between Amara and God is like. I hope it’s not simplified into a good/evil thing (way this is going, I’m not keeping my hopes up, however).