Supernatural ‘LOTUS’ Review: Problem Solved… Kinda

LOTUS - Supernatural
‘LOTUS’ fixes one big mess, and creates a whole other one. And it’s one that we’re not used to seeing in Supernatural.


As expected from how last episode ended, Lucifer continues climbing the ladder to gain more power in ‘LOTUS’. He does so by possessing influential famous people, like CEOs or even the president of the United States (who is now white, for some reason). It’s a smart choice on Lucifer’s part – he can continue gaining followers, and it makes it harder for the Winchesters to get to him. I’m sure we were supposed to get some Illuminati references in there too.

Sam, Dean, Castiel and Crowley (yes, this is a thing now) are having more trouble than usual. It’s not only a matter of reaching Lucifer, but of finding a way to force him out of the vessel before putting him back in the cage. Fortunately, Sam contacts Arthur Keth (David Haydn-Jones), one of the British Men of Letters, to help them out with some of their fancy hunting toys. One of these toys happens to be, quite conveniently, a weapon to force demons or angels out of their vessels. And it works perfectly.

However, this is a mid-season finale, and things have to go south at some point. This time, Sam and Dean are under arrest for the attempt of assassination of the president (another day in the life of a Winchester). Meanwhile, Kelly, who literally has the offspring of Lucifer in her womb, runs away. The most important problem out of the two is obviously the nephilim. It’s a problem that Team Free Will had never had to deal with, and one that puts the characters into moral conflict territory. Kelly wants to keep her baby, but she also can’t since it’s literally the son of Satan. What can they possibly do now?

‘LOTUS’ has a slow beginning, and sadly, not everyone can pull off an intimidating Lucifer. In fact, at some points of the episode it just felt like they were hunting a regular demon. The episode did have some really great comedy, which is to be expected when you’re making meta jokes on how ridiculous some things are after 12 seasons. So what’s next? The problem with Lucifer, while solved for the most part, will continue being a thing with the inclusion of Kelly and her unborn baby. And the british Men of Letters are slowly becoming more and more relevant, hinting at a bigger role for the second part of the season.

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