Supernatural – “King of the Damned” – Review

The boys reunite with Castiel in the antepenultimate episode of the season. Written by Ross-Leming and Buckner, the fandom was bracing themselves for the worst. Big unexpected things happen… and pacing was certainly an issue.

WARNING: This review contains SPOILERS.


We start off in Scotland in 1723, where Abaddon has appeared to kidnap Gavin, Crowley’s son. Why would she do that? Apparently, blackmail. To threaten Crowley taking advantage of his human feelings so that he will listen to her. But, let’s be honest, that’s seems a little weird, which makes us think that the writers might be planning to bring him back.

supernatural - king of the damned - the daily fandom

Back in the present, Castiel’s followers have kidnapped one of Metatron’s angels. A pathetic excuse for an angel called Ezra. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, he was a little goofy but… pathetic? Well, considering there was a time (say seasons 4 and 5) when angels were these fierce waves of celestial intent that everyone feared, most of the angels we see now are just… well, like humans, but with powers. Same happens with demons, but that’s another story for another day.

Sam and Dean arrive to what we could call Castiel’s headquarters. It’s an amazing place where they track everything regarding Metatron and where Castiel’s leader call him “commander”. Castiel hugs Dean (cue Destiel shippers screaming) and Sam (same with Sastiel shippers) and basically asks them to torture Ezra to extract some answers. This was observed as OOC behaviour by the fandom, considering that back in Season 4, in In the head of a pin, Castiel told Dean “I would give anything not to have you do this” when he asked him to torture Allistair.

supernatural - king of the damned - the daily fandom

Meanwhile, Crowley is reunited with demons but he soon discovers that they had sold him out to Abaddon leading to one of the best quotes of this season: “No one in the history of torture has been tortured with torture like the torture you’ll be tortured with“. Wow. Abaddon tries to negotiate with Crowley asking him to work with her because, after they’re done with her, they’re gonna kill him too anyway. Something that he probably already knew because Dean himself had told him. She doesnt’ convince him until he brings his Gavin into the room and tortures him in front of him. And, surprisingly, it works.

Sam and Dean don’t need to torture Ezra. He’s so stupid it’s very easy to trick him. It was a very funny scene, it almost felt like the relationship Sam and Dean used to have in the first seasons. However, later on, they found the angel killed. Sam and Dean assure Castiel that they didn’t even touch him. Dean suggests that maybe he’s got a spy among his followers. Castiel doesn’t think anybody’s lying, Dean thinks everybody’s lying. This proves us that, right now, they’re opposite sides. After Dean leaves,  Castiel asks Sam about his time being possessed by Gadreel. Maybe because he wants some information on Gadreel, or maybe because there’s something going on with his stolen grace, we don’t know.

Castiel meetssupernatural - king of the damned - the daily fandom with Ezekiel to talk. Castiel wants him to leave Metatron because he’s evil when suddenly, as if to prove his point, they are attacked by angels from Metatron. They meet again some place else later. Castiel is now convinced that Metatron has someone inside his followers, which is why he knew they were meeting and attacked them. Castiel gets him to work as a double agent and notify him about Metatron’s plans. Could this be the beginning of Gadreel’s redemption?

Back with Crowley and his parenthood issues, Gavin has trouble believing that Crowley is, in fact, his dad and is mad at him for selling his soul for “three extra inches of willy”. Gavin also wants to go back to the past because of his ship, but Crowley doesn’t want to because he knows the ship is gonna sink and that he’s going to die.

Crowley calls Dean to tell him where the Blade is because he’s found Abaddon. Apparently, he’s decided to hide it IN a corpse, and Sam had to pull it out, which was VERY disturbing to watch. Dean calls Crowley when they get the Blade and Crowley tells him to get out of Poughkeepsie, the code word he learnt the Winchesters use in 9×10. Why did he warn them? Did he want to make sure that they could kill Abaddon? Has he grown fond of the boys? Or was he just trying to cover his ass for the future by making them a favour with this time (which is what happened)? OF COURSE, Dean doesn’t mention the code word to Sam.

supernatural - king of the damned - the daily fandom

Abaddon shoots Crowley with a bullet with a devil trap on it (like Henry did in As time goes by). Dean lies to Sam (*sigh*) telling him that Crowley’s sent some demons in a building’s basement near by and that he should go check it out while he… basically goes to fight Abaddon alone. Dean enters the room and is quickly pinned to the wall by Abaddon. But surprise! Dean is able to overpower her and actually separate himself from the wall and walk towards her. When she pins him back and separates the blade from him, he’s powerful enough to get the blade back. We’re not talking about a regular demon, we’re talking about a Knight of Hell. This should be enough to tell us that Dean is INCREDIBLY powerful right now, and that much power is dangerous. Sam realises Dean’s lie and enters the room just in time to see him walking towards Abaddon and killing her. But Dean doesn’t stop there. He keeps beating and beating Abaddon like the world depended on it and until his hands and face are covered in blood.

Abaddon’s death was too easy. She was a Knight of Hell, the new Queen of Hell. She fought alongside Cain and knows everything there is to know about the First Bade and the Mark. How come she thought that she would be able to control Dean in that situation? Fans are actually speculating on wether she’s actually left the meatsuit to possess Gavin.

supernatural - king of the damned - the daily fandom

Because Crowley warned them, Sam and Dean forgive him this time and don’t kill him (UGH). Crowley confirms us that Sam didn’t know about Poughkeepsie. They talk to him about Gavin and that he needs to go back to his own time because, hello, My heart will go on happened. Crowley doesn’t agree with them but asks to say goodbye to him at least. But, of course, he takes the opportunity to leave. Crowley has then an alone moment with his son where he basically tells him what happened to his ship and that he should stay in this time. Crowley leaves and we don’t know what’s gonna happen with Gavin for now.

The last scene is a moment between Sam and Dean in the Impala where, of course, Sam is mad about Dean lying to him again. But Dean tells him how he feels about the Blade and how he felt that he had to do this alone. Sam complains about having to be protected again and he says that he thinks the Blade is doing something to him (like the trials were doing something to him at the end of Season 8). Lastly, Sam suggests to save the blade for the big villains.

This was an episode that was… well, full of stuff. The themes were all over the place and, even though it was entertaining, it was also embarrassing to watch at times (Castiel’s footsteps at the beginning, Dean pretty much using the Force to kill Abaddon…). Like Tumblr user neven-ebrez said, “the show just feels “too big” right now, without the ensemble feel to support it.  (…) It’s like going from complimentary 3 course meal to a fucking all you can eat buffet where appetizers, dessert and main course are being fed to you alternatively throughout the whole meal”.

With Andrew Dabb and Jeremy Carver writing the two next and last episodes of the season, we can expect a lot better.



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