Supernatural ‘Into the Mystic’ Review: There’s A Storm Coming and Everyone Is Vulnerable

Into the Mystic

WARNING: This review contains SPOILERS

Far from what many assumed from the promo, ‘Into the Mystic’ quickly moves on from the events of ‘The Devil in the Details’ with a monster of the week case that still managed to tie to some of the overarching plot points of the season. Cassifer is out, but he’s still not in the Winchester’s radar, so the brothers take some time to think about life, retirement and Viagra (how long have we been watching this show again?).

For the most part, ‘Into the Mystic’ kept misleading the viewer to focus their attention on the wrong thing. For starters, we are told that Sam has trouble sleeping and that he’s not feeling OK after being so close to Lucifer again, which brought some bad memories back. He even took the time to apologize for not looking for Dean when he was in Purgatory 3 seasons after it happened. However, at the end of the day, the one who was attacked by the Banshee for being ‘vulnerable’ and the one who had trouble sleeping, was Dean. Similarly, we were also misled into thinking that this would be another case of the Winchesters saving non-hunter victims, but instead of that, we got Mildred and Eileen saving the day.

While this episode was nothing special, I still found the residence setting to be very interesting. ‘Into the Mystic’ didn’t only give us two of the best side-characters we’ve had this season, but the whole retirement talk also allowed the brothers to ponder whether they will ever get to be in a residence or if they’ll die before that. Considering Billie’s presence, I’m going to go with the latter, which would make Sam saving that flyer even sadder.

Dean’s relationship with Amara has been a thing since the start of the season, but it almost felt like this episode was pointing all fingers towards them, as if they were planning some sort of “kill Amara and you kill Dean” scenario for the finale. Call it connection, call it attraction… but please let’s not call this a romantic thing, because that wouldn’t make much sense. Mildred did say that Dean was pining for somebody else, so I suppose we’re meant to believe it’s Amara (or were we being mislead again?).

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Speaking now of Cassifer, I actually have more things to say about Castiel than about Lucifer. If ‘The Devil in the Details‘ was any indication of how underappreciated Castiel is, ‘Into the Mystic’ was another slap in the face. Dean says not to worry about him, because he’s always ‘alright’, and when Dean mentioned that Castiel seemed a little off to him, Sam quickly dismissed it saying that something always seems to be off with Cas (as if that were an excuse not to care for him). There’s no doubt that both Sam and Dean care for and love Castiel, as a friend and as family. However, the fact that he’s angel and that he’s always been doing his own thing, might have given them the wrong impression that he’s always going to be fine on his own. And that’s not true. Castiel has always been different from his siblings and, angel or not, he has suffered enough. The only good thing about this situation is that it seems that the show is making these things obvious so that the brothers will also realize that they have been neglecting Castiel for too long. It’s a shame that it’s now too late.

Having a case of the week after that mid-season premiere was not what I expected, but it made sense that the Winchesters would just go out on a hunting case since, as far as they know, Lucifer is back in the cage and Castiel is just doing his own thing and being ‘alright’. Amara’s presence is growing like a dark cloud above Dean’s head right now, so I can only imagine how they will react once they realize that the Devil has decided to join the party.

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