Supernatural ‘Form and Void’ Review: Cure for the Darkness, but not for Castiel


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

‘Form and Void’ follows the immediate events after the premiere and gives us some brand new information on the Darkness infection and how to treat it. We now have a cure, but Castiel is still cursed, Sam is hiding stuff from Dean and Crowley is making everything more difficult.

As we saw in the end of ‘Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire‘, the action for this episode is divided between Dean and Sam… and Castiel. This led to some confusing moments in which the show kept switching from one scene to another very quickly. All sides were relevant to the plot so it almost seemed like they were fighting to catch our attention.

Form and Void - Supernatural - The Daily Fandom

Starting with Sam, I find it very strange that he has decided to hide yet another thing from Dean after all those previous speeches (the fact that he’s dying, no less). It’s never really going to change with these two, is it? Kidnapping that other infected man served the purpose of telling us that the spreading of the infection and the speed in which you turn depends on each person, which is going to make things more difficult because we won’t have an exact time limit when someone is infected. Even though I found Sam’s part of the story a bit slow (he was just wandering around not knowing what to do), there were still a lot of interesting scenes: Sam prays to God (who might appear this season) and a new character is introduced, Billie the Reaper. At first it bothered me a bit that they are using ‘Oh Death’ for the Darkness this season since everyone associates that song with Death’s characters. However, I was happy they used it with a reaper. She talks about ‘the old Death’, which makes me wonder whether there’s a new Death or if that is even possible. Who are they taking orders from now? On the other hand, the show also uses Billie to announce something: there’s no more coming back from death. If Sam or Dean die, they’re not going to Hell or Heaven. The reapers are going to ‘toss them into the empty’. In a way, this should make us more excited and worried when Sam or Dean’s life are in danger. However, at the same time, we know that the show wouldn’t kill either of them for good, at least not until the series finale. So I don’t really know how I feel about that. At least the show will stop killing them like it’s nothing!

Aside from that, my only question through Sam’s scenes was: why are you not contacting Dean?!. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t tell Dean what had happened. Couldn’t Dean help him with the research while he’s having hallucinations? Thankfully, Google was kind enough to tell Sam about biblical purification using holy oil and fire. And with this, our new weapon for the season is born.

Form and Void - Supernatural - The Daily Fandom

On Dean’s side, he wasn’t able to save Jenna, who was ruthlessly killed by Crowley (ugh). He wasn’t able to take Amara either, who grew into a little girl, but I couldn’t imagine Sam and Dean having to take care of a kid in the bunker (they have enough work with Castiel for now). And it’s not like Amara is going to last much longer as a little girl (and as creepy as she is, she’s still not as creepy as Lilith). I’m also mad that Dean didn’t kill Crowley when he had the chance because… PLOT ARMOR. It’s nice to see Dean fully back, though. He cared a lot about Jenna and no, not because he wanted to bang her. He was also constantly contacting Sam and Castiel to check up on them. Nice to have you back, Dean!

No such luck for Castiel (#stoptorturingCas2k15). Apparently, Hannah, who appeared in a male suit, had arranged the kidnapping and torturing to later appear as the savior. Hannah no longer trusts Castiel after he freed Metatron and the angels are still mad that he chooses the Winchesters over Heaven. As a matter of fact, it seems like Castiel won’t have his family’s support for now, no matter how scared the angels are of the Darkness. At least he is now safe in the bunker wrapped in a blanket.

‘Form and Void’ was all over the place. Thankfully, everything we got to see was relevant to the plot and we have certainly gotten many advancements. Sam, Dean and Castiel are back together in the bunker and they know how to deal with infected people, but they still have to deal with Castiel’s curse and Crowley having Amara. And oh, don’t forget Rowena!


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