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‘Supernatural Fan Movie’ Releases Its First Trailer in VanCon

The Supernatural Fan Movie has been a well-known project in the Supernatural fandom since the Kosterman brothers started working on it a few years ago. Their work included gathering fan footage from Supernatural conventions and interviewing fans and crew on the Supernatural phenomena. Today the first official trailer has finally been released both in VanCon and online.

According to an interview by the SupernaturalWiki, the Supernatural Fandom Documentary was initially an idea that Clif had back in 2012, but he later asked his brother Mitch to get involved in the project. Since then Mitch, president of Two Sharks Media, has been interviewing fans, cast and crew in Vancouver, Las Vegas and Dallas to get to show what the Supernatural fandom experience is like and how conventions work as “an extension of the show”.

Reports from VanCon say that, so far, the movie is going to be available in 10 languages. Cliff added that the main motivation for the movie was that “everyone can understand what the #SPNFamily is about”.

The release date is still unknown, but Mitch estimated that it could be released in early 2016. Although it is still unknown whether the movie could air on TV, it will definitely be available worldwide on a DVD (PAL and NTSC).

You can watch the trailer and donate on the SPN Fan Movie IndieGogo page.


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