Supernatural ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ Review: Wayward Daughters Choose Family


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

Don’t You Forget About Me‘ was one of the most awaited episodes of the season ever since it was announced that the Wayward Daughters were back in action. In this episode, Sam and Dean pay a visit to Jody, Claire and Alex to see how they’re holding up and give them some guidance on balancing the hunting life with family, something that they are supposed to know about.

Supernatural promised an episode about Wayward Daughters and that’s exactly what we got. What started off as a typical case of “adults don’t believe children, children were right all along” turned out to be a compelling story about dealing with your past and moving on to a new life. Everything in this episode was about the female trio, and even the short moments we got of Sam and Dean alone worked as a parallel for the girls. The only reason this episode wasn’t absolutely perfect is because Donna wasn’t in it.

For starters, I actually expect Alex and Claire, who have similar personalities, to be the bestest of friends/foster sisters at this point. Far from that, they actually can’t stand each other, and it makes sense in a way. While Claire is trying to run away from her past and her parents’ death via hunting and seeing monsters everywhere, Alex is escaping her dark supernatural past by focusing on a more normal life, dating the most popular guy in high school and all. And despite what good old Jody might think, Kim Rhodes is still the best mom on TV.

However, parenting these troubled kids is not only Jody’s job. Sam and Dean are also part of it, not to mention Castiel. That’s probably why I enjoyed that first dinner scene so much (the one where Sam and Dean stuffed their mouths with actual real chicken). At first, it seemed to hint at the fact that Sam and Dean aren’t fit to be dealing with Claire and Alex and it  was certainly funny seeing them being awkward during the sex talk. However, they are not only good at parenting, but they are also used to it. Sam is understanding and good with words, while Dean can come out as more blunt and aggressive, but still means well. He was definitely right in telling Claire off for disrespecting Jody, and I’m sure Claire valued his words as much as Sam’s.

Don't You Forget About Me - Supernatural - The Daily Fandom

“I absolutely understand the need to hunt – believe me, I do. But the monsters are always going to be there, on and on, forever. But a chance at a family, a home, school… That won’t be” – Sam

And isn’t it time the Winchesters apply those words to themselves?

‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ must be one of the most thematic episodes we have gotten this season so far. Both the parallels and the point they were trying to make weren’t only well-executed, but also fit perfectly with the overarching theme of choosing life/family over hunting. Claire and Alex are now getting along and working to understand each other, while finally learning to appreciate and respect everything Jody is doing for them. Meanwhile, the show is putting Sam and Dean in a place where they are, ironically, being the ones not listening to their own advice.

It seems like every threat in every season is only an excuse for the Winchesters to keep hunting and delay having a normal life. It almost makes you wonder: if they were able to defeat the Darkness (and Cassifer) and no other threats followed these events, would they actually put the weapons down and finally pursue a normal life? Do they love themselves enough to retire?


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