Supernatural: ‘Dark Dynasty’ Review And Thoughts

WARNING: This review contains MASSIVE SPOILERS

I’m gonna be honest here. I couldn’t concentrate on most part of the episode because I had already been spoiled big time before having the time to watch it. This had me wanting to savour every moment Charlie was on screen, afraid that it was gonna be the last time that I saw my favourite character.

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The episode centered around Sam’s lying because “lying to Dean is the choice that sucks the least”. Only this time, not only is he lying to Dean and working with Rowena, but he’s also involving Charlie and Castiel. I could still understand Castiel’s help since he’s a powerful being, but was it really necessary risking involving Charlie and have her working in the same room as “the wicked witch” Rowena? 

Speaking of risking, wasn’t incredibly reckless and unprofessional to leave Frankenstein Dude with just one chained arm? It kind of reminded me of when they left Abaddon unattended back in Season 8. Seems like a way of dumbing our characters down just for the sake of having the villain escape because the plot demands it.

Same goes for Castiel who suddenly seemed unable to handle two people arguing. Also, why did Charlie have to run away when Cas had already separated Rowena in a different room? And why were Charlie and Rowena fighting so much anyway? Once again, everything felt forced just to have a way to inevitably kill Charlie at the end.

supernatural - dark dynasty - the daily fandom

I can’t help but wonder how Sam is gonna handle the guilt of being heavily responsible of Charlie’s death. Same goes for Castiel (if you can really blame him). We all know that Dean felt incredibly guilty and mad at himself for having gotten Kevin dead last season as a result of lying. Just another parallel between Kevin and Charlie and how their deaths only happened to fuel the brother’s guilt and show how bad lying is. So no, the brothers haven’t learnt their lesson yet. Oh well, at least we don’t have to wait until the season finale for Dean to find out. 

Even though many of the previous things that I mentioned were hard to look past, the rest of the episode was OK (despite of the crazy zoom-in scenes that we’re so used to by now). Pacing was fine, except that the end felt a bit too rushed, but I guess it was just made to serve the purpose of it being intense with a sudden cliff-hanger at the end. Can you tell I’m not a big fan Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner?


Fandoms’ reaction and the impact of Charlie Bradbury

Just like everytime Supernatural kills a character, there was backlash in the fandom. Just a few minutes after the episode aired, the fandom had already started the hashtags #CharlieDeservedBetter and #BringBackCharlie on Twitter. And it’s totally understandable: Charlie was a queer woman, as in the only queer character in the show, and one of the few female characters that still remain alive. She was not only a way for fans to identify as geeks. Charlie also meant representation for the queer audience. Not to say that the majority of the fandom are women. 

It seemed like there were so many things still left to do with this character. There were her adventures in Oz, there was the potential to become a great hunter, there was her new (and violent) relationship with Castiel and there was the opportunity for a female character to get a happy ending (*keeps Jodie, Donna and Claire away from the writers*). 

Created by Robbie Thompson back in Season 7, the fandom fell in love with Charlie Bradbury ever since they saw her dancing to Walking on Sunshine. Not just because she was a queer female character or because she was played by the amazing Felicia Day. Charlie was a genuine character. A girl who’s obsessed with fantasy and dreams with living big adventures. Charlie was a way of seeing ourselves portrayed in the show, a way of showing us that we can be heroes too. We didn’t just lose Charlie, we also lost everything that she meant. And for that, she will be truly missed. tumblr_mh41wdvm2N1rkfvjso2_500

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