Fanfic Friday: 10 Supernatural College Fic Recs!

Welcome to Fanfic Friday, everyone! This month’s theme is school/college/high school AUs! Today we have 10 Supernatural college fic recs for you! You won’t want to miss it! Beware, most of these are Castiel or Destiel fics — if you do not want any of those, there are a few others across the board!

1. Endless Time (Supernatural AU)

Summary: Castiel is going to college in a small town in Colorado, he lives with his two roommates Chuck and Gabriel. Castiel is very innocent for a college student so when he meets bad boy Dean Winchester, his world changes.
Rating: General Audiences – Destiel, Multi – Alternate Universe: College
Words: 2408

2. Supernatural Will Always Steal Your Shampoo – Crossover Fic

Summary: It takes about two weeks for Abrahamic Religions to decide that Supernatural is the worst roommate she has ever had.
Rating: General Audiences – Teen Wolf, Sherlock, Abrahamic Religions, Doctor Who – Crossover – Alternate Universe: College
Words: 733

3. Desperate College Student in Need of Supernatural Assistance

Summary: It has certain perks to have the Devil and an archangel as boyfriends (even when they fight) when it comes to exams.
Rating: General Audiences – M/M – Alternate Universe: College
Words: 1974

4. A Very Supernatural Christmas

By: textingandmurder
Summary: On the first day of Christmas, Dean and Sam get some new, rather eccentric, neighbors.
Rating: Teen + – M/M – Alternate Universe: College
Words: 9671

5. College Kisses

Summary: Dean and Cas are supposed to be studying.
Rating: Teen + – Destiel, Castiel, M/M – Alternate Universe: College
Words: 720

6. Hot Date

Summary: Dean becomes distracted during a lecture one morning because of the dark-haired stranger who chose to sit beside him.
Rating: General Audiences – Destiel, Castiel, M/M – Alternate Universe: College
Words: 1484

7. Destiel in Snapshots

Summary: The beginning of Dean and Castiel is not big, per se, it is small, but it is bright, and it is beautiful.
Rating: General Audiences – M/M – Alternate Universe: College
Words: 235

8. The Experiment: Chapter 1

Summary: N/A
Rating: General Audiences – M/M – Alternate Universe: College
Words: 7352

9. History of Rock Music

By: mariabug1998
Summary: When they meet for the first time, in class, Castiel is instantly attracted to Dean and Dean shamelessly flirts with him.
Rating: General Audiences – Alternate Universe: College
Words: 720

10. A Volume of Work

Summary: The University would like to advise that it does not condone excessive drinking. However, it has no formal policy on traditional Bavarian attire.
Rating: General Audiences – Alternate Universe: College
Words: 3103

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