Supernatural ‘Baby’ Review: Robbie Thompson Brings Fanfiction to Life


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

‘Baby’ was one of the most awaited episodes for Season 9. Baby, the Chevrolet 67 Impala that Dean inherited from John and that has accompanied Sam and Dean through all their journey, is not just a car, but a main character of the series. This is an episode that had to be done. And it was done brilliantly.

This episode was full of feels from the very beginning. From the intro narrated by Chuck that was reminiscent of the Season 5 finale, to Sam and Dean singing in the car as if they were on a road trip while calling each other ‘bitch’ and ‘jerk’.

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Even though this was a monster-of-the-week episode, the case wasn’t the focal point of ‘Baby’. We didn’t even get to know the whole story because the only details we knew were those that were shared inside the car (probably why the whole fighting was done inside Baby, becoming one of the most claustrophobic and violent fights I have seen on this show). All protagonism of ‘Baby’ went to Sam and Dean, and their history with the Impala. The way that the show decided to pay a tribute to Baby was by shooting the entire episode from inside the car. I have to admit that I was a bit fearful whether this would work or not, especially in those first minutes with Sam and Dean washing the car. Watching Sam and Dean through the glass was a bit weird and awkward at first, but the rest of the episode dissolved all my fears.

The most important thing we found out during this case is that, similarly to the Apocalypse, all supernatural beings are concerned about the Darkness: the ‘ghoulpires’ were raising an army to fight it. That’s when one wild thought came to my mind: what if all supernatural creatures united with the Winchesters to fight off the Darkness? Highly unlikely, I know. Especially in a show that focuses on an episodic formula, but hey, we have seen Sam and Dean work with the King of Hell, so who knows what could happen in a potential series finale!

And now for the most important part of the episode: Sam and Dean’s relationship. This episode had so many Season 1-3 vibes. From having the brothers being relaxed and singing Night Moves, to having them talk about their dreams and John and Mary. The brothers also had time to talk about their lives as hunters in general, and this is not the first time that Sam mentions to Dean how he should think of having a life: “You don’t ever think about something? Not marriage, or whatever, but something? You know, with a hunter? Somebody who understands the life?” (Destiel fans screaming in the background). Also, shout out to Matt Cohen and his trolling on Twitter when he said that last night’s scene was a deleted Season 5 scene. Yeah, right. Once again, PR is not showrunning.

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Even though we didn’t get to see Castiel, we did hear him and he was very present in this episode. Since he’s still healing, he’s left behind in the bunker doing research (or watching Orange is the new black on Netflix). I have to say, the scene in which Castiel is rambling on the phone while Dean is outside the car fighting the ‘ghoulpires’ was easily one of the funniest Dean/Castiel moments of the entire series. I really hope he helps Sam and Dean next week as well.

‘Baby’ was not only a brilliant episode because of the originality of the camera’s point of view or because it was one of those Supernatural episodes like ‘Fan Fiction’, ‘Changing Channels’ or ‘The French Mistaske’. It was a brilliant episode because of the nostalgia that all those Sam and Dean interactions brought us. And the fact that it was nostalgia that we felt was only a sign of how long it had been since we last saw the brothers working together in such a good mood. I missed this Supernatural SO much. All in all, Season 11 has had a very strong start and I couldn’t be more excited to see what’s next!


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