Supernatural ‘Angel Heart’ Review

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We’re reaching that time of the season when the last 3 episodes are all A-plot based and speculation and expectations are in an all time high. 10×20 ‘Angel Heart’ had been especially hyped, being called ‘gut-wrenching‘ by Jeremy Carver himself. In this episode, Castiel keeps trying to make it up to Claire and visit Amelia, her mother and Jimmy’s wife, but the whole teen angst is too much for him so he asks Sam and Dean for help.

WARNING: This review contains SPOILERS

This episode stated Supernatural‘s main theme clearly: the importance of family.

Claire is still not getting along with Castiel since she keeps blaming him for her father’s death and she’s still not accepting any help. Or anyone else’s for that matter since she seems to be blinded by revenge, something that Sam and Dean are very familiar with. In this case, if “family” is the positive theme, then “revenge” would be the negative one. This time though, we finally get to find out her true purpose: to find her mother, Amelia Novak.

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Jimmy and Amelia, canon soul-mates

The last and only time we got to see Amelia was when the whole Novak family was introduced back in Season 4. It was definitely nice to get to see her again and the fact that it was a different actress didn’t even matter because Leisha Hailey was stellar. Yes, it was sad to see her die, but I was already expecting some kind of death from Sam’s line “Death isn’t always goodbye”. It seemed like they were trying to soften the blow for some future death. Besides, Amelia had been searching for Jimmy for years and now she’s finally happy with him in Heaven. The sad part came from Claire becoming an orphan. 

Speaking of Claire, I’ve always seen her as “the successor” of Jo Harvelle (although nothing will ever replace Jo to me). Claire’s role this season, apart from her own character journey, was that of giving closure to the Novak family and also giving Castiel something else to cling onto humanity and that will be a factor on deciding who he wants to be. And I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who wanted Team Free Will to adopt her:

supernatural - angel heart - the daily fandom

As for Cas, he is way past learning how to be human at this point, he’s now learning how to be a parental figure. Dealing with teenagers can be difficult even for regular humans, but Castiel learnt how to handle it: “Someone just tell me she’s gonna be OK” is such a father-like thing to say. And he succeeded, based on Claire’s request for Dean to “keep an eye on him”. But I guess the hunting life is too dangerous so she’s better off with Jodie (can we have Jodie, Donna and Claire as the spin-off now, please?). 

supernatural - angel heart - the daily fandom
Can Dean adopt her?

To be honest, I expected a bit more “going crazy” from Dean’s part, especially since we’re so close to the season finale and we’re expecting something BIG to happen regarding Dean and the Mark of Cain. But the bar scene didn’t convince me, even though Castiel claimed that he was “getting worse”. Instead of that, we got to see Dean making amends with Claire and actually getting along with her. I got a lot of Season 8 Dean vibes from this episode.

On the other hand, we didn’t get much progression from Sam and Dean and all the lying going around which is also understandable considering this episode was full with Claire, Castiel and the Novaks. Claire has been one of Castiel’s main concerns for the season, along with getting his grace back and being concerned for Dean. Now that those problems are out of the way, we can only hope that Cas will be ready to help Dean as much as he can, along with Sam and Charlie.