Supernatural ‘All in the Family’ Review: “WHAT HAPPENED?!”


Supernatural‘s ‘All in the Family’ showcases just how much the story has progressed over the years, from fighting ghosts and vampires to chilling with a prophet and the scribe of God in a bunker talking about killing God’s sister.


Dean says it himself: give him one vampire and he’s fine, but God’s sister? It’s almost funny how poor Donatello (Keith Szarabajka) went from being an atheist to becoming a prophet of the lord and meeting God in just one day, while it took Sam and Dean seasons to go from “fighting urban legends” to “sharing a beer with God”. Despite my initial thoughts, Donatello ended up being a pretty fun character to watch, if only for small moments like that hilarious “WHAT HAPPENED?!” after the Impala got teleported to the Bunker. For all its ridiculousness, this show is in need of some outsider commentary every now and then. Donatello also sort of reminded me of Buffy‘s Rupert Giles or The Librarians‘ Judson, and so I believe it would be a great addition to the story, if only to have him investigating in the Bunker as some sort of new, inexperienced Bobby.

When Supernatural introduced angels, archangels and the Apocalypse back in Season 4, there was a lot of debate on the fact that the show had gone from being a case-of-the-week show about paranormal stuff to pretty much a religious story. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki even talked about this to TBTP because this wasn’t what they had signed up for. Writing a show based on Christian religion is a delicate choice because you need to attract religious people, believers of other religions, atheists and everything else in between. The writers managed to do a pretty good job with it in seasons 4 and 5, but the fact that Season 11 finally brought God himself into the game was an even bigger test. I actually feared that Sam and Dean’s talk with God in the Bunker would feel lackluster (it’s been a while since the show has managed to pull ‘epic’) as I was reminded of Season 2′ ‘Houses of the Holy’ when Sam confessed to believing in God while Dean said he didn’t, and even if God existed, he was upset with him for not doing anything. To my surprise, the show actually delivered a pretty well-done scene, if only for Jensen Ackles’ brilliant performance. Dean’s words were not only in accordance to his character, but he also asked some questions that many viewers could have asked in his positions. The fact that Donatello was an atheist also gave God the chance to explain that he doesn’t care about people being atheist as free will is something that comes with the pack.

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The Winchesters have been in way over their heads for a while now, there’s no denying in that. In fact, one of the biggest mysteries of the series was just how exactly these two could keep saving the world over and over. Sure, they’ve got the occasional help from Castiel or Crowley, but this time they have a much bigger and skilled team. ‘All in the Family’ brought together many different characters, which is exactly what the Winchesters needed if they’re going to have what’s probably the biggest battle since the Apocalypse. Kevin got closure when his soul finally left the Veil to ascend to Heaven, we got introduced to Donatello who I’m sure will be back, Metatron might not have redeemed himself but he certainly took one for the team, we got Cassifer back and Crowley and Rowena are still there somewhere. Yes, it’s a “common enemy” type of situation and it’s one that the show does very often, but the days in which we were surprised that Sam and Dean would team up with Crowley are long gone as the brothers are now actually even working with Lucifer himself. We also got confirmation from Metatron that God’s autobiography is actually a suicide note, and I wonder whether they will try to stop him from doing so. I would personally prefer to have a world free of both God and Amara, with both Gates of Hell and Heaven closed forever, but we will see. Supernatural has been renewed for a twelfth season and it doesn’t show signs of stopping yet.


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