I don’t even know where to start on this one, from the first moment when you hear the word “Samulet” and the explanation behind it you just know this is going to be outstanding. So many one liners, so many priceless reactions. Bloggers say lists and bullet points work best to break down complex thoughts to. SO, TO BULLET POINTS!! 

  • One liners! “Why couldn’t they just do Godspell?” Died. There were so many in this episode, it seemed that after two seasons of heavy, intense drama Robbie Thompson went, “Hey, remember when this had some humor? Yeah let’s get back to that.” Supernatural has always struck a great balance between humor and sadness and it was nice to get an overdose of humor after seasons 8 and 9 and what we have seen of 10 so far. 
  • Reactions of Sam and Dean. We have never seen Sam and Dean get so flustered as when they entered that theater and to have the first thing they hear is “Idjits” followed by “Assbutt”  pitch perfect writing and editing. Then watching them stumble over their aliases and Dean just lose it was hysterical. “There is no singing in Supernatural!” Well except when you do it, right Dean? supernatural-200th-episode-4
  • The cast of the musical, all those lovely ladies nailed it and they have lovely voices. All of them. It was great to listen to and watch the interplay between them and Sam and Dean. 
  • The mirroring of Sam and Dean’s lives. Sometimes the show does this well, sometimes not so well. This was the best I had seen and it is because of how they had Dean react. Along with the love letter to the fans this episode was very focused on Dean and his struggles with the aftermath of the season so far. He has never been as emotionally fragile as he is now and Jensen is making a point of showing us that. Dean’s reactions as the things the girls say and do hit him, making him take a step back and start thinking things through were breathtaking to me. You can see that he’s starting to lose the martyr complex, the shove it down and keep pushing through attitude that he’s always had. I love that Dean is finally coming to terms with everything the brothers have been through.
  • The end where Dean puts the prop “Samulet” on Baby’s mirror is a very layered symbol. It’s symbolic of the fans being the protectors of the show as well as an inspiration to the cast and writers. The fans have kept the show alive and the cast and crew are very thankful and aware of that. It’s also a symbol of the brothers coming back around to being brothers and of their hope and ours that they have a smoother ride this year. Marie’s statement to Dean that he should have never thrown the original away and his reply that it didn’t work and he didn’t need it to remind him of how much he loves Sam really hits home to the fans. Acceptance of family, that is what the show is about. 
  • The songs. Every one wrenches your heartstrings, especially the cover of “Carry On”. You can also own them!! They are on ITunes which is an extra gift to the fans! 
  • The recap of season 6-10, Marie’s reaction to it. Yeah…best ever. spn200thvideos
  • Jensen’s look into the camera, which according to Jensen himself was not scripted and I quote “Wink, wink:” (see the livetweet extravaganza for the entire tweet) The fact that a. they left that in and b. it was Jensen who did it should sort of let Destiel folks know that Jensen is indeed ok with the concept of Destiel. This was the second nod to shippers, the first being a nod to Wincest. I want to take a moment here and just state that this episode, among other things, should serve as a way, hopefully, to bring the fandom and shippers together. It is Dean who states that all the interpretations are valid, Dean folks. Let that sink in. They get the fans, they do. The show is the show, our interpretations as fans are no less valid and there is room in the world for all of them.
  • Staying with shipping, “SASTIEL!!” Go Sam! That whole segment of Sam having a bit of fun with Dean exploring ship names, I could listen to that all day and still laugh my butt off. “Shut your face! Get in the car!”
  •  When the boys introduce themselves: Marie and Maeve! Wow. “X-files” lol
  • Even though the big bad wasn’t that big or bad, Calliope was a cool concept and she had some great one liners as well. Also adored the fact that the girl knocked her out with “The Odyssey.” 
  • Save the Show to Save the Girl I did like the fact that they had to save the show to save Marie and deal with Calliopie. Once again, tons of meaning in that. Marie’s vision had to be realized for the boys to stop something evil. If that’s not an encouragement to creative types everywhere I am not sure what is. Dean’s encouragement of Marie and his pep talk were layered with subtext as well. Believe in yourself folks. Dean says so 🙂 
  • Chuck and Adam! It was interesting to see a hint of guilt on Sam and Dean realizing that Adam was still missing. Chuck is back. Thanks for the teaser!! (shakes fist). I hope that means we see more of Chuck (cough God cough) this season. 
  • The Chase Scene : As if we needed more meta, in case we hadn’t got the clue. lol

   I could go on forever really but I don’t need to, you watched it, you will probably rewatch it endlessly. So to sum up. Thanks for the love Jared, Jensen and every single person involved with the show for the last ten years. We love you back! (SPNFAMILY HUG!)  

Carry On SPNfamily, Carry On! supernatural-200-episode-2