Superman’s Decision Proves Costly In Doomsday Clock #8

Doomsday Clock #8

The Collision of Watchmen and DC superheroes continues in Doomsday Clock #8. Superman has been an elusive character thus far in the series, not making many appearances. But in issue #8, writer Geoff Johns brings the last son of Krypton front and center.

Though the series has had major time gaps in between issues, the series keeps getting better and better with each issue, leaving you on the edge of your seat waiting for all the dominoes to fall into place.

For those who may not be following the series that closely, let’s recap what is taking place in the DC world. The premise of the story surrounds the thought that most meta characters in the world are American. This is referred to in the book as the Supermen theory. People want to know why almost all heroes are American, and if the government is creating these heroes as weapons of mass destruction.

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank took a massive risk-taking on the challenge of incorporating the Watchmen into the DC world. The Watchmen are beloved characters that many deemed untouchable. The duo of Johns and Frank have seen massive success in their work in the past. Despite some early questions in the series, Doomsday Clock looks to be another hit on their resume.

Supermen Theory

In Doomsday Clock #8, Johns perfectly demonstrates how being a superhero isn’t always so great. Sometimes the hero doesn’t make the right decision, which can then lead to drastic repercussions. With the majority of the issue focused around Superman and Firestorm, both are presented with situations in which their actions have major ramifications. Johns excels in giving the reader a view of how each character’s actions are viewed by the public. Not to mention how the public views our superheroes.

Johns knows how heroes would be perceived in the real world today, and puts it on full display in this issue. Heroes would be questioned and put under the microscope. Every move or decision they make will be criticized and questioned. We see a Firestorm feeling the stress of being a hero during this moment in time in the world. Firestorm suffers a breakdown and causes massive damage. This act by Firestorm just increases the tension and rage from the public towards the superheroes.

The Choices We Make

Superman finds Firestorm, who fled the scene of his major meltdown. Convincing him that he can save the people he hurt and eventually proving him right. Once Superman arrives in Russia, he confronts Vladimir Putin himself, who is speaking on the issue of superheroes. Superman speaks not seeing how his words can and will be interpreted the wrong way. Which causes not only Putin to grow upset but Batman as well. 

Superman attempts to convince people that Firestorm was not an American agent and that what he did was an accident, not an attack against Russia. This decision to choose sides proves costly for Superman.

Superman’s actions lead the reader to believe that there is more trouble coming between America and Russia in the near future. With a battle breaking out between Superman, who is only trying to protect Firestorm and an innocent child, and Russian heroes, everything that could go wrong goes wrong. And Batman, who is watching everything from the news, knows it. With a massive explosion being caused, John leaves us with yet another cliffhanger.

The Art

Gary Frank continues his marvelous work in Doomsday Clock #8. No matter your feelings towards this book, or the series as a whole, Frank’s sublime talent is undeniable. Frank follows the 9 panel grid from Watchmen, but doesn’t fear straying away from it from time to time. 

The team of Frank and Brad Anderson, on colors, makes for some very pleasing eye candy on every issue. Not only is their work stunning on the inside pages, but the covers never dissappoint as well. Frank’s covers throughout this series have been beautifully detailed and imaginative.

Final Thoughts On Doomsday Clock #8

It is clear this story has had its ups and downs when it comes to the feedback from the fans. Most would believe the beginning of this series was slow. Johns could have done a better job introducing the Watchmen characters to the DC world. Each issue so far has mainly focused on a few characters, and this trend continues in this issue. Yet Doomsday Clock #8 seems to have the biggest impact on the final outcome than any other issue. 

Johns and Frank have done a great job leaving cliffhangers at the end of each issue making you want the next one right now. Though, we will most likely have to wait another 2-3 months for issue #9. With the delays in this series seeming to disinterest many people from buying it, the team has excelled at putting a great comic on the shelves. Doomsday Clock #8 was the best issue so far in this series and we can only hope issue 9 will be just the same if not better.

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