We are four issues into Grant Morrison’s start to The Green Lantern, and Hal’s world is as full of imagination and creativity as ever before. The Green Lantern #4 is told in a different way than the previous three. We found a four-armed man speaking with a Blackstar. Each telling separate stories involving the Sun-Eaters. Four armed men telling the tale of how three Green Lanterns stopped the Sun-Eaters from destroying a certain planet. Whereas Blackstar speaks of how a fellow Blackstar saved a planet from the Sun-eaters by convincing their society to turn to cannibalism, and to surrender the planet’s life force to the alien vampire Countess Delzebeth.

The Green Lantern #4 (DC Entertainment)

Grant Morrison, once again working with Liam Sharp, put together a book that is beautiful to look at. Full of imaginative alien creatures and planets that create an endless list of possibilities for future stories. The Green Lantern #4 for the most part is more of a set-up issue. With an ending that leads the reader to believe something bigger is about to go down in the coming issues. There is nothing wrong with this as it happens all the time in comics. Yet, it does hurt this issue a tiny bit as it lacks much action and good story to keep you interested.

Hal Gets Cast Out

During the four-armed man’s story of the Green Lanterns saving a planet against the Sun-eaters, we see Hal and three other corps members working together to create a fake sun to save the planet. Using their rings, the Lanterns use every ounce of will power to create the sun as they wait for the arrival of a sentient star which happens to be a Green Lantern. As the star arrives, it distracts and subdues the sun-eaters. I did expect to see the Lanterns struggle with this task a bit more than they did. The job was spoken of as a daunting challenge, yet it wasn’t quite seen as that difficult. Nevertheless, Hal Jordan may have bigger problems on his hands.

The Green Lantern #4 (DC Entertainment)

He was summoned by the Gaurdians to discuss an incident where he murdered a Dhorian slaver in the previous issue. Murder, of course, is against the Lantern Corps code. Hal Jordan has been cast out of the corps by the Gaurdians for what feels like a million times. This story can feel a bit tiresome with the amount of times it has been told. Yet I believe Grant Morrison knows this and has something up his sleeve. We will find out in future issues whether this is true.

Hal Jordan The Blackstar?

When a mysterious four-armed man reveals himself, it comes as no surprise, including Blackstar, that it is Hal Jordan himself. Blackstar reveals herself to be Countess Belzebeth. Hal, however, is not there to fight. Hal admits he was there to join forces with her. He even went so far as to offer his power ring up to her and allow him to join in.

The Green Lantern #4 (DC Entertainment)

It is easy to assume that Hal is not actually planning on joining the Blackstars. I presume Hal was sent undercover by the Gaurdians to take down Belzebeth. Grant Morrison has done a pretty good job so far in this series. The issue has moved a bit in the wrong direction. The plot seems a bit predictable. Morrison could absolutely have a few more tricks up his sleeve and throw something completely unexpected at us, but it doesn’t feel like it is heading in that direction.

The Art

Liam Sharp’s art is without question a highlight in this book. Each issue is full of immense detail and creativity. I have said before that artists tend to thrive in space based books. They are able to be much more creative, as the possibilities of space are basically endless. Paired with Steve Oliff on colors, this book is stunning to look at. Liam Sharp was the perfect choice for DC to pair with Morrison. They both have a weird sense of imagination that fits perfectly in a cosmic base book. The contrast of bright colors with the darkness of space works incredibly, and Liam Sharp has excelled during his time so far on this series.

Final Thoughts On The Green Lantern #4

The Green Lantern #4 is a bit of a drop-off from the first 3 issues. However, this issue is obviously set up for the next few issues, and we will have to wait and see what ends up happening. Liam Sharp is a star in this book and despite the underwhelming plot, makes this book worth a read. It will be fun to see what Grant Morrison has up his sleeve for Hal and the Blackstars. The book is as quirky and as weird as most of Grant’s work is. I would like to see a bit more action, though.

The Green Lantern #4 (DC Entertainment)

I think it would help if Hal Jordan was more of a focus. There seems to be a lack of growth for the character and virtually no personal relationships. We are only four issues in, so it is not time to panic, but the book is in need of both of these features. Grant Morrison is a tremendous writer and deserves the benefit of the doubt that he can pull this off. Despite the issue’s dip in excitement, the series has been fun and is worth checking out.

Sun-Eaters Attack In The Green Lantern #4