Summer is coming to and end, which means that we are already halfway through the summer anime season. This season has not given us as many unique series as the previous one, but there’s still a few worth-watching series. We bring you our 5 recommendations for this season – you’re still in time to catch up!

NOTE: This list does not include second seasons (Food Wars), or anime that started in another season (Re:Zero, JoJo, etc).


amanchu! - the daily fandom


Is there anything better than a refreshing Slice of Life anime for the hot summer days? Amanchu! tells the story of Futaba, a shy, quiet girl who moves to a new seaside town. There she meets hyper, optimistic Pikari, and together they join the scuba-diving club in their high school. Being complete opposites, these two girls will develop a meaningful friendship over their common passion. The beautiful water animation, soft pastel palette and relaxing music makes this one of the most beautiful, chill series to watch this summer. Bonus: shoujo ai (blatant) subtext everywhere!

Mob Psycho 100


Yes, it’s by the same creator as One Punch Man, but make no mistake: while Mob Psycho 100 has One Punch Man‘s comedy, it has its dark, deep themes as well. The series follows psychic Mob, a borderline autistic kid who has trouble communicating with others and expressing himself. Bottling up his emotions is no good, as when they reach 100%, he goes berserk and becomes unable to control his incredible powers. Besides being a visual spectacle, the anime also deals with the negative effects of having superhuman powers in a very realistic way.


Planetarian - The Daily Fandom


This one is a special case, as it’s not an anime series per se, but an ONA consisting of only 5 episodes. Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet is an anime adaptation of the sci-fi visual novel by the same name. This short adaptation casts a dramatic light on the usual debate of what makes humans different from androids, and how androids resemble innocent, naïve children. While the series ends leaving many questions unanswered, it’s still worth watching for the bittersweet dialogue between these two characters that meet in a completely abandoned Earth.

91 Days

91 days - the daily fandom


Probably the most anticipated original anime of the season, and while the hype has died down a bit, 91 Days is still worth watching if you’re into thrillers, drama and mafia stuff. One advice, though: like it happened with last season’s Joker Game, this series is not for everyone. Some are disappointed due to its “it’s all been done before” story, while others love every second of it. This is why, even if I’m not a big fan of it myself, I still think it’s fair to add it here. I say give it a try and see how it goes for you!


Orange - The Daily Fandom


No summer season is complete without a good shoujo, and Orange is exactly that… plus time travel. (Funnily enough, there’s another anime called Time Travel Shoujo this season. Don’t bother with that one, though). Orange arrived with lots of hype from manga readers, and so far the adaptation is delivering. Everything looks beautiful in this series, as if it wants you to just sit back, hold your pillow and fawn like a teenager who just found love for the first time. But then again, don’t relax too much because there’s the constant reminder that something went really wrong in Naho’s future and that she’s on a mission. Certainly a great choice for shoujo lovers who have grown a bit too tired of the usual formula.

What do YOU think? What are your favorite series of the summer season so far? Let us know in the comments below!