SUBVERSE is a new science fiction web series from Joseph White. White is the creator of the short film, The Brain Hack. SUBVERSE remains set in a world where everyone spends their time indoors staring at a computer screen.

Just like normal people, they work, game, socialize, and even date… just online. Their machines remain connected via a needle jacked directly into their bloodstream. The internet ensures an experience as an immersive and visceral hallucination.

The device allows SUBVERSE to explore aspects of modern digital life: privacy, public shaming, online dating, and political hacking. They do this in a way that’s creative, visual, and dramatic. What makes SUBVERSE interesting is similar to White’s The Brain Hack. 

SUBVERSE & White’s Vision

White remains interested in finding ways to discuss complex and difficult subjects. In a way that is accessible and entertaining to watch. SUBVERSE uses surreal humor and a sympathetic (or pathetic) anti-hero to explore the subject of masculinity in the age of dating apps and online pornography. The episodes dive deeper into those said themes.

In order to not spoil anything from this wonderful, twisted science fiction web series, we won’t tell you what happens in episode one. But, you can watch it here if you want to find out. The web series we will say looks glitchy for a reason. The genre of the web series is science fiction so White aspires towards the photo-real, Hollywood VFX style of directing and producing.

\SUBVERSE embraces the zero-budget, low-fi roots and draws inspiration from minimalism and esoteric glitch-art. This isn’t a polished world like Ready Player One and Matrix. This is a free-market virtual reality, and just like the internet, it’s boundaries are filled with low-resolution memes and click-bait vying for attention.

So, Where Can You Watch It?

That’s a good question and inevitably we knew you were going to ask, so we came prepared. They have a Vimeo, YouTube, and Apple Podcast. In the social media aspect, you can find them online, of course, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Patreon.

The SUBVERSE podcast is designed specifically to be consumed as a video podcast and watched on a small mobile screen. The episodes are short, nothing crazy, they are quick to listen to and each frame is composed to be simple yet bold. So, it visually pops out in the palm of your hand. Don’t forget to listen with headphones.