New content will be coming soon to The Daily Fandom’s YouTube channel! Following a week off for spring break, TDF Gaming will shift to a twice-a-week game video schedule (Mondays and Wednesdays), with Fridays dedicated to fan works, including fan art, fan fiction, and fan games!

Fan games, of course, will be intertwined with TDF Gaming.

For fan art, coverage will likely go in many different directions and hopefully eventually include series highlighting fan art from various fandom communities, as well as speedpaints, collaborations, and other neat ideas once they come to us!

Fan fiction will also get its time to shine in the form of a new series called “The Modern Day Storybook,” which will be giving fanfics the audiobook treatment! Check out Cryaotic’s “Cry Reads” series to get a gist of what to expect:…

“The Modern Day Storybook” will feature collaborations with our partner channel the Rogues & Roleplayers, and hopefully many other YouTubers and voice talents in the future! But it all starts with your fanfic submissions!

If you have a fanfic that you would like to be the subject of a “Modern Day Storybook” episode and it falls under these guidelines:

  • about 5,000 words or fewer
  • mostly not NSFW (cursing is fine; violence, possible triggers, sexual content, etc. are the primary concerns)

Then send it either as a link (if it’s posted on a website or blog) or as a .doc file to:

If you have any questions, just leave a comment on the video, drop us a line at the above email address, or find T.C. on any of her social media accounts listed below! We can’t wait to read all of the fanfic goodness! Have a great spring break, and stay obsessed!

Twitter: @tcrobson