Street Angel: Superhero For A Day Makes You Hungry


The second issue amped up my adrenaline for this series from the first character-building story. While these stories so far don’t connect into a larger arc, this style fits well for Street Angels. This addition to the lore promises to maintain the momentum of strange, yet relatable fare. Brian Maruca’s and Jim Rugg’s Street Angel: Superhero For A Day is the third iteration of the Street Angel series. 

Street Angel: Superhero For A Day
Image Comics, 2018

Your scrappy, homeless heroine — Jesse Sanchez — has a strong desire for food and would do any heroics to obtain a bite. Her classmates come to find her begging for food and they go on a dumpster-diving adventure together. While they’re at odds with one another, they do spend good quality time in their own special way. The problem is that one of her classmates obtained a hovering ring that gives her powers; as well as, the complication that comes from looking like an adult woman.

Street Angel: Superhero For A Day Provides Rat-Infested, Surprising Social Commentary

While I should’ve considered the darker implications of a homeless thirteen-year-old, I didn’t come into the Street Angels series expecting those thoughts to hit me. I thought about adventure, absurdism, and all-out chaos, but to consider the living conditions of someone who needs to dig for food out of a trash can was a pleasant surprise. There’s a connection to reality, even in a contained story that throws in random scenarios as the situation demands. 

Street Angel: Superhero For A Day
Image Comics, 2018

In another instance, one of her friends gets a ring ala Green Lantern. She becomes a caricature of a heroine with boob cutouts ala Power Girl. She experiences the fun of being a new hero with her friends, but the reactions by the minor characters are interesting. They shed light on what may be a male reader’s reaction to the heroine.  

When you read the dialogue of those who see this new heroine, they react in a sexist manner. The catcalls start events from normal guys on the streets and characters who are supposed to be heroes. I liked this point because it shows Jesse being a hero beyond her ninja capability. She protects her friend, and this moment does add depth to Jesse’s character. This action displays how much empathy she has for other people compared to when she was an outsider in other issues. 

The Art of Street Angel: Superhero For A Day is as Gritty as Ever

Jim Rugg’s art continues to add its colorful, yet unique action-filled quality to the pages. I like how its artistic interpretation of the writing adds a gritty strength. You know exactly how the art in Street Angel: Superhero For a Day is going to go by this point. There’s this sense of weirdness while being grounded in a bit of realism. I don’t see any drops in the imagination within this story on the art side. 

Street Angel: Superhero For A Day
Image Comics, 2018

This world also doesn’t look as clean in comparison to other graphic novels with the same inter-city background aesthetic. What’s best about this particular art style is that you don’t see this aesthetic in many other works. I like how unique the Street Angels series feels to other works if you’re an avid graphic novel reader.

Should You Read The Street Angel: Superhero For A Day Graphic Novel? 

If you’re into the first and second issues, you won’t be disappointed by this one, since they’re in the same vein of storytelling. This recommendation also goes in the opposite direction, since this issue isn’t going to change your mind on the Street Angel Series. We’re out of surprises in terms of breaking away from any new expectations at this point. 

You’re going to know whether you feel like continuing as soon as you hit Street Angels: Superhero For A Day. I feel this issue hits one of the strongest notes of the three issues I’ve read. You should put this on your definite reading list if you’re into this particular style of writing and art. 

Street Angel VS. Ninjatech Comes Out This November!

The Eisner Award-winning team of Jim Rugg (Afrodisiac, The Plain Janes) and Brian Maruca (Afrodisiac) will be releasing the Street Angel vs. Ninjatech graphic novel. We get an all-new story with our beloved thirteen-year-old homeless heroine, Jesse Sanchez. You have to remember this mid- November is the best chance to get a baseball bat to the face from Image Comics.

Image Comics, 2018

After a rigorous battle with Ninja Carl, the deadliest girl alive seeks revenge against the company that manufactured his dangerous weapons. Luckily, the company has a take-your-daughter-to-work day, so she sneaks in with ease! In her new adventure, Street Angel sort-of-gains friends; helps out a witch, sorta; and fights the Assassin of the Future™: the Ninja 6000 ® by Ninjatech, definitely.

“What’s scarier than a 13-year-old girl? A team of 13-year-old ninja girls! Look out, a ninja-industrial complex — it’s time for payback!”

Does this mean we’re about to see an entire squad of Jesse Sanchez-esque characters in Street Angel vs. Ninjatech? I’m looking forward to finding out what’s in store for this issue! 

Street Angel vs. Ninjatech HC will be available in comic book stores on Wednesday, November 7th. In addition, the final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, October 8th. It will also be available in bookstores on Tuesday, November 13th and can be pre-ordered via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Indiebound, and Indigo.

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