STRAY Web Series Seed & Spark Campaign!

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The web series STRAY launches a Seed & Spark campaign. They have a season 2 coming, and they want to hopefully raise $15k for it. They raised $5,000 in just the first 48 hours. If you don’t know about STRAY here is the perfect time to get this web series on your rewatch forever list (do you have one of those, too?)

STRAY Web Series

STRAY is a comedy web series that follows the bromance of Jay and Rich. Jay is a brash homosexual guy being played by Sha James Beamon (The Get Down). Rich, well Rich is a nerdy straight guy being played by Cameron Clarke (Shakespeare In The Park).

Season One & Season Two

Season one was nominated for an “I Love New York” award at the NYC Web Fest. Nine episodes make up the entirety of season one; they range from about six minutes long.

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The second season is planning on having ten episodes and those will range from six to twelve minutes. Season two will expand on the world of Jay and Rich, even introducing new love interests.

“Season two will have a Clue-themed episode, a Freaky Friday-esque episode and an homage to 500 Days of Summer, which includes a Family Guy-style non sequitur of a fight sequence,” said Pablo Andreu, creator and writer of STRAY. “We are not fucking around.”

Creators & People Behind STRAY!

Andreu is the creator of the web series, and Andreu wanted to reflect on his friendship with script consultant Chris Bell. STRAY’s team also includes producer Bri Castellini, creator of the award-winning web series Brains and the award-winning short film Ace & Anxious.

Director of photography Dane Benko, head editor at The Skin Deep, producer of the Emmy Award-winning digital series {The And}Shot in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, STRAY begins shooting season two in January of 2018.

“I just hadn’t really seen anything out there that depicts a pair of friends who posture, poke fun at each other and speak openly about sexual attraction and just happen to be different orientations,” added Andreu. “The show was also an opportunity to lampoon the hysteria a lot of straight guys exhibit about sexual orientation and masculinity.” 

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