Web series ‘Stoneybrook Revisited: A Baby-Sitters Club Fan Film’ re-imagines The Baby-Sitters Club original members as adults in the modern day.

Are you a fan of Ann M. Martin’s The Baby-Sitters Club? Then you will be happy to know that the story is not over yet! A group of fans have revisited the series to re-imagine the original characters as grown-ups in Stoneybrook Revisited: A Baby-Sitters Club Fan Film. That’s right, you get to see more of Kristy (Sarai Davila), Claudia (Tianna Horito), Mary Anne (Madeline Thatcher), Stacey (Hannah Bayles), and Dawn (Sierra Christensen), but now from an adult point of view and in a modern setting.

Stoneybrook Revisited consists of five episodes, with each episode focusing on one of the girls. The series will be completed with a “Super Special” episode with the whole gang being released on July 25th.

Shot in Salt Lake City, the series is produced by Apple Juice Productions (The Cate Morland Chronicles, Lily Evans and the Eleventh Hour), and consists of a 100% female and volunteer-based crew. “I’ve been a huge fan of The Baby-Sitters Club since the moment I read Kristy’s Great Idea,” said Amanda Taylor, showrunner, writer and director.

“But I was always fascinated by the concept of the girls growing up and having adult lives. This series is our perspective on where these iconic characters are now. And we decided since the BSC is all-female, we should follow suit and give female filmmakers in Utah more opportunities, something that’s important to us at Apple Juice Productions.”

You can watch Stoneybrook Revisited: A Baby-Sitters Club Fan Film on Apple Juice Productions’ official Youtube channel: