Imagine living in a small beach city and you’re friends with everyone in town, but you also have magic gem powers. This is the everyday life for young Steven Universe. Steven Universe (2013) is an animated coming-of-age story that follows Steven’s magical adventures. He spends most of his days with the Crystal Gem Warriors, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Together they go on missions to fight and protect the world from corrupt gems.

Steven Universe smiling on the cover of Steven Universe All-In-One Edition comic collection.
The cover of Steven Universe All-In-One Edition by Jeremy Sorese, Josceline Fenton and Rebecca Sugar

When Steven isn’t saving the day, he lives a normal life. He hangs out with his best friend, Connie, and eats at local diners. Steven’s good-nature also leads him to help other Beach City citizens. Through his journey, he begins to learn the truth about his mother, Rose Quartz. Rose was the leader of the Crystal Gem Warriors and she kept many secrets about herself and the Gem War from long ago. Despite these hidden secrets, Steven continues to tackle his issues head-on and with an open heart filled with love.

Steven Universe All-In-One Is The Perfect Fusion

Steven Universe All-In-One Edition (2019) is a collaboration of works by creator, Rebecca Sugar, and authors Jeremy Sorese and Josceline Fenton with illustrations by Grace Craft, Lamar Abrams, and Mad Rupert. KaBOOM! Studios published the collection, which is made up of three different comic book series. The series within the collection are “Steven Universe The Bits,” “Steven Universe And The Crystal Gems” and “Steven Universe.” The comics in this collection present the same themes of love, family, and healthy relationships as in the show.

Cookie Cat in outer space encountering an alien species.
“Cookie Cat” illustrated by Sam Bosma

The stories in the Steven Universe All-In-One Edition are all independent from the series’ main story line. Despite this, I recommend that readers at least watch, Steven Universe (2013) season one. Prior viewing gives insight into all the characters featured in the collection.

“The Bits” Are Better Than Eating Actual Fries

There is no better place in Beach City to satisfy your craving for french fries than at Beach Citywalk Fries. Steven often demands the leftover fries from the fryer and refers to them as “the bits.” The Bits is the first collection of short stories from the Steven Universe All-In-One Edition. While the comics are short, they are delightful much like the french fry bits. There are many overarching themes throughout the stories. One is that growing up means learning new skills to better yourself.

A corrupted gem is bubbled up by Pearl. Amethyst, Steven and Garnet watch as Pearl tries to lift up the gem to send it back to the temple but is unable to.
“Vacation” written by Jeremy Sorese and illustrated by Coleman Engle.

“They don’t know what it’s like to watch someone grow up. The risks, the challenges, but also getting to be around to see someone be better than you ever thought they could be.”

Greg says to Steven after the Gems refused to let him enter a bike race.

The short story “Bike Race” written by Jeremy Sorese and illustrated by Coleman Engle is one of the stories in The Bits. It follows Steven as he trains to learn something new. The Gems are not familiar with the reasons why humans put themselves in danger, but as Greg explains, it’s all a part of getting older.

The Artwork Is Mystical & Magical

The TV series uses various elements to turn casual viewers into devoted fans. This can be found in the narrative and over-the-top but lovable characters. Though just as important as the storytelling is the artwork. The stunning art immediately draws viewers in. The same applies to the All-In-One collection. The vibrant palette in the comic follows the TV series’ use of color. This enhances the characters and Beach City, their home. The panels are also creatively drawn for a more immersive experience.

Steven Universe And The Crystal Gems, written by Melanie Gillman, illustrated by Katy Farina, colors by Leigh Luna, and letters by Jim Campbell, is about Steven’s run-in with a glass ghost while out camping with the Crystal Gems. This series uses color to distinguish real life from campfire stories. When Steven tells his story the pages are filled with only bold shades of purple and pink. In contrast, when Pearl begins telling her story, the colors shift to grays, dark grays, and purples. This lets readers see the story they’re telling. It’s also a reminder that this is a story being told within a story.

Opal follows Steven around Funland playing various carnival games.
“Opal’s Day Off” written and illustrated by Grace Craft

There are also stories in the collection that stray from the original art style in an alluring way. Grace Craft achieves this in “Opal’s Day Off,” which she writes and illustrates. This four-page comic is about how Steven convinces Opal to go with him to Funland by telling her that it’s another mission. Grace Craft uses the same design elements but adds her own watercolor art style.

Steven soaring through the sky with the Crystal Gems, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl following behind with the Crystal Temple in the background.
Steven Universe #2 cover by Jeremy Sorese and Coleman Engle

Future Vision Could Not Have Predicted This

If you have already read all the comics, then I have news. The downside is that there is no new content. Despite this, Steven Universe All-In-One Edition is a fantastic addition to any fan’s comic collection. Much like the show, each story shares life lessons. The most compelling reason to buy Steven Universe All-In-One Edition is because of the artwork.

The colors are eye-catching and captivating. Also, it is nice to be able to see the different art styles of many talented artists combined into one collection. Every flip of the page brings the readers closer to the world of Steven Universe.

Steven Universe All-In-One Edition was made available for purchase on Wednesday, July 3, 2019. In the comic’s release, season five of the animated series has ended. Steven Universe: The Movie (2019) was released on Monday, September 2, 2019. Before watching the movie, don’t forget to check out 10 Best Steven Universe Songs In Preparation For Steven Universe: The Movie. To catch up on the series, all episodes of season one to four are available on Hulu.

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