‘Star Wars’ SDCC Panel Recap


Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t know that JJ Abrams had achieved his dream and that Star Wars Episode VII is almost here? It’s no surprise then that the Star Wars panel was one of the most anticipated at the SDCC, so without further due, here’s what happened in Hall H on July 10th.

The first to take the stage were JJ Abrams himself, Lawrence Kasdan and Kathleen Kennedy, who kick off the panel with something about how the movie’s coming along – they’re at the editing stage, and already have a first cut of the movie. JJ Abrams is breaths away from passing out from his own nerdiness, just like everyone else in the room – he’s super excited as he talks about how incredible it was to him, the whole experience of directing a Star Wars movie.

The trio also hinted that the movie will probably be less green-screen packed than its predecessors, and they they all made a considerable effort of having everything feel real. JJ tells of how he used to wonder «What would Han say?» while writing, only to have Kasdan answer his question right away, because he knows Solo better than anyone. I think I might have shed a tear.

«Are these movies standalone, or there will be a new arc?», someone asks, and Kennedy answers saying that while The Force Awakens will begin a saga with Episode VIII and Episode IX, there will also be anthology movies – like Rogue One, which will begin shooting soon. So we’re definitively in for some more yeas of Star Wars. And speaking of more SW, the trio didn’t bring sneak peeks, but they had a behind the scenes video to show everyone. Here it is:

After the video, the cast appears! John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and Oscar Isaac walk on stage, and immediately Isaac talks about how it feels like to step into the shoes of the great, heroic pilot, like Anakin and Luke and Han. He’s very keen and honored, just like his character. At the question «How was it to work with the legendary original cast?», Ridley says that as a fan it has been incredible, and that they’ve all been «funny and warm and welcoming, and made us feel as much a part of the universe as they already are».

Someone then asks what color would everyone’s lightsaber be? Blue for Kennedy, red for Abrams, black for Kasdam, gold for Boyega, silver for Ridley, and rainbow colored for Isaac. Aren’t you all adorable? I think I’d go with good ol’ purple, but that’s completely irrelevant.

And then more cast members take the stage – the ones who have been dubbed as «a taste of the dark side», Adam Driver, Downhill Gleeson and Brienne of Tarth Gwendoline Christie. Everyone talks about how the atmosphere on set was, but basically nothing is revealed on the story, save for one spoiler courtesy of Gleeson. He says that his character is in «charge of people, on The Starkiller Base», and that’s all one could take out of him.

But hey, who cares about spoilers when Carrie Fisher walks on stage? The room explodes, and then the questions begin. How did it feel to be on the SW set again? «It was like a flashback, kind of— I didn’t think it was going to happen», and whops, I just feel in love all over again. Also because Mark Hamill joins everyone else, and I mean, how can you not adore him? He praises the fans, remembering the first convention he ever attended, before Episode I even came out – «without you guys, we’re nothing», and it always warms a fan’s heart to hear it, doesn’t it?

Then– Harrison Ford is here. Be still my beating heart, I feel like I might faint from all the way here in Italy. He greets Mark with a hug and Carrie with a kiss, and the most beautiful quote that’s ever graced my ears – «I still love you», she says; «I still know», Harrison answers. Bye, I think I just died. My ghost is going to proceed writing this article.

Now, we all know that Ford doesn’t particularly like to indulge on his SW past, but when asked about how it felt to be back, he says that «it should have felt ridiculous! It was 30 years ago, and I’d sort of grown up, and yet there I was doing something I did so long ago, and I will tell you it felt great». That’s really great to hear, because everyone seems to be having a really great time, and we’re happy that they’re all happy and basically rainbows and unicorns are coming out to play.

Hamill reveals that he had thought Luke would end up like Obi-Wan, alone in the desert with a couple of droids to keep him company, but since he says that he had to take that idea back, we can assume that the direction The Force Awakens went in is completely different. I can’t with all this teasing.

And while the panel’s over, that’s not all. Abrams planned everything, even an after party. The guests were ushered outside to Embarcadero Marina Park South to enjoy a free open-air concert by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. They were even handed free lightsabers to bring home. Does it get much better than that? I think not. The music was, of course, taken from John William’s historical score, and there were even fireworks to conclude the concert. It was stellar.


Keep on following The Daily Fandom for all the madness going down in San Diego, but for now, may the Force be with you.


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