Squee is a documentary web series on fandom and the fangirl experience. The documentary seeks to explore how women participate in fandom.

Squee celebrates the fandom community, and how the ups and downs of being a fangirl can impact on identity development. Focusing mainly on women’s role, the documentary is constructed as a series of interviews with fangirls including many celebrities, such as Lauren Tom, Amber Benson, Orlando Jones, Hannah & Hily Hindi, Khim Rodes, Heidi MacDonald, and much more.

Writer, director create the web series, and producer Hansi Oppenheimer, who explains that, as a fangirl, she wanted to “discuss how others felt about identifying as fangirls, our communities, the pride and occasional embarrassment we feel, and most of all the passion–the squee.” In particular, the documentary focuses on the role of women as both participants and leaders in fandoms. “I am inspired by those women who have paved the way for modern fandom, the unsung heroes who helmed the letter writing campaigns in the early days of Hollywood, who wrote, edited and distributed the ‘zines of the 60’s, 70’s and ’80’s and have now added to fandoms as outspoken voices in fan journalism, fan fiction, podcasting, fan art, social media, and much much more.”, says Oppenheimer.

Although originally conceived as a documentary feature film, the story was far too big and multi-layered to fit into that structure. As a result, Squee has adapted a web series format. You can already watch Episode 1 on Vimeo:


Squee will hold a screening opening night in the Women’s Voices series at the Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival on July 20th. Hansi Oppenheimer will also be at Florida Supercon, where they will be screening in the Super Geek Film Festival, as well as screening and presenting a panel at Geek Girl Con in Seattle. Finally, they will also be shooting at Flamecon in New York in August, and teaming up with QueersPlay to do a mash up episode titled “Squeersplay.”

In the meantime, you can help and support the Squee project on IndieGoGo.