WARNING: This article contains light spoilers such as promotional photos, analysis of the promos and comments made by the cast on Asylum14 and JIB6.

The season finale of Supernatural, ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ is only a few days away now so I thought I could give some of my thoughts of the road so far, along with my theories and expectations for the finale. Because we all know that it’s practically impossible to stay still and just wait for Wednesday to come. 

Both last episode and pretty much all the season has been leading us to this point: Dean, the Mark of Cain and whether there is a cure or not. Right now it’s seems like there’s only three options:

  1. Don’t help Dean and just wait and see what happens – something Sam and Castiel are not willing to do.
  2. Help Dean using the spell from the book – which will probably have some bad consequences for Season 11.
  3. Kill Dean, and then kill demon!Dean. Both Sam and Castiel already proved that they’re not willing nor able to do that.

Judging from these options and the promotional photos in which Rowena, Crowley and Castiel are casting some sort of spell, it seems like they are going to go with Option 2. Of course there’s also the option that they’ll discover some new way to help Dean. Personally, that one is my favourite and, considering they usually offer new turns in the finales, I would say it’s not that unlikely.


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Dean © The CW Network

At the moment, Dean is sort of unpredictable but I’d say he’s in a similar place he was last season, except now he’s even more pissed. Last season he had some hope to remove the Mark. This season he has given up. It’s a constant roller coaster when it comes to hope for Dean to the point in which we’ve seen glimpses of a happier S8 Dean (singing to Taylor Swift in the car) and others in which he said that there was no happy ending for him. Right now, he’s mad at Sam and he’s mad at Castiel, which is nothing new, but considering he’s got the MOC that will only make him more dangerous and reckless. Judging by the preview, he’s still able to feel some guilt from what he’s done (Cas appearing in his reflection in the mirror). We also know that he’s gonna contact Death (Julian Richings has the ability to make any episode 100% more epic) and Jensen revealed that he’s gonna be reading Latin in this episode. Does that mean that he’s gonna try to ask Death for help with the MOK? Is he gonna become Death (again)?

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Sam © The CW Network

Let’s be honest. Sam has been doing a lot of wrong this season. And it actually seemed very weird to me cause last season, Sam was really mad at Dean for what he had done with Gadreel, which meant that Sam lost autonomy over his own body and his own life, as well as Dean going to extremes to save him. Remember that one conversation at the end of ‘The Purge’, in which Sam basically told Dean that if he was dying, he wouldn’t have done what Dean did to him? No, it’s not the same because this time Sam is not forcing a foreign entity into Dean’s body without his consent but, remember that “You didn’t save me for me, you saved me for you”? Do you believe right now Sam is saving Dean for him or because he’s “the only thing” he has left? I said it in this week’s review and I’ll repeat it now: no, Sam is not alone and Dean is not the only thing he’s got left. For Christ’ sake, he was collaborating with Castiel and Charlie in order to save Dean. But he was so invested in Dean that he wasn’t careful and lost Charlie, a dear friend, in the process. I wonder whether he’s gonna realise this or just go to the limit to save Dean, and given by his desperation in the preview and that it’s drama-time, I’d say the latter. Especially given the rumours that there’s gonna be a fight between Sam and Dean and that Jensen recently said in Jib6 that “the only thing that could ruin the brothers relationship is one giving up on the other, but it’s not gonna happen” (x). 

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Castiel © The CW Network

Castiel’s role this season was one of finding his true identity and belonging after having experienced humanity. While doing that, he’s been focused on helping Sam cure Dean. We know that he’s going to keep on doing that from the preview and promotional photos. However, judging from that same preview, I have a bad feeling that his grace is gonna be involved in the potion to cure Dean and that’s gonna have, again, some bad consequences for him. Destiel aside, Castiel has been heavily linked to Colette in the Cain parallels. And we all know that Cain killed Colette after she asked him to stop. Adding the fact that during Asylum14 Misha hinted that someone might die, Castiel fans have reasons to be concerned.

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Rowena © The CW Network

I can’t help but feel that Rowena is gonna end up pretty badly in the season finale. Especially considering that Crowley was sort of reborn last episode and that I doubt that he’s gonna go down with his new-found evilness. She also reminds me a lot of Abaddon (ginger aspect aside). Sam proved last episode that he wasn’t able to keep his part of the deal but Rowena didn’t seem very willing to help him. In fact, she seemed scared. That’s why it surprised me to see them in the same room working on the Mark’s cure. Perhaps they’ve realised that they have the goal of stopping Dean in common. One thing is for sure: if Rowena dies, it’ll be at Crowley’s hands.

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Crowley © The CW Network

Is Crowley gonna die? Again, considering that he was sort of reborn last episode, I doubt it. But I still have this feeling that something bad’s gonna happen to him. Jensen hinted at Asylum14 that Dean might exorcise him. Could this really be the end for Crowley?

During last week’s Asylum14, when being told by fans that some people weren’t actually surprised by the S9 finale, Jensen gave us a mysterious “let’s see if you see this one coming” before leaving the stage. Yes, that is 100% PR and just creating hype so people will tune in on Wednesday. However, as we already stated, Misha later revealed said: “you breath a sigh of relief and then someone dies”.

Personally, I don’t see any other character rather than Dean, Sam, Castiel, Crowley or Rowena dying. Dean dying would be repetitive since that happened last season. If we exclude Crowley and Rowena (I’ve already discussed their possible deaths) that would leave us with Sam and Castiel. If any of them dies, it’ll be because of Dean (which doesn’t mean Dean has to be the one to kill them). The potential of sacrificing, especially for Castiel, will always be there in a Supernatural finale.

Judging from the promotional photos and the promo, I can assume that there’s going to be two different storylines: Dean trying to solve the problem on his own by contacting Death on one side, and Sam, Castiel, Rowena and Crowley working on the cure of the MOC on the other. In conclusion, two possible remedies for the MarkWe had mentions of time in the past episode. Time is running out (as usual for finales) and I can’t help but feel that this two methods of the cure for the Mark are some sort of race but then a third element is gonna be introduced in the last few minutes of the episode.

Speculation aside and taking a glimpse at Season 11, my hopes are that Team Free Will will finally resolve their personal problems once and for all so they can focus on something else, something external. I want Dean to be saved from the Mark and his lack of self-worth. I want Sam to give up the unhealthy codependency and be the geek that he used to be. And I want Castiel to figure out who he really is and where he really belongs. I want the three of them to work together and face external problems for the following season(s). Supernatural has a habit of adding some sort of conditioning to its characters (demon!Sam, demon!Dean, Godstiel, Leviathan!Castiel, Soulless!Sam…). This resource is acceptable every now and then, but it’s become an unnecessary resource by now. It’s got to the point where it’s difficult to figure out Team Free Will’s relationship among them or teamwork since there’s always something affecting them and making them think and act differently from what they’d normally do.