Sounding The Horn In Lucifer #16

Lucifer #16 (DC Entertainment)

The Wild Hunt is approaching in Lucifer #16 where we find Lucifer searching for the hunted God. Dan Watters continues his run with yet another entertaining book. But this book is not for the faint of heart, with gruesome, brutal violence and gore. Though in my opinion, even if you’re not into that sort of thing you should still check this book out.

Lucifer #16, Page #1; In the depths of Hell
Lucifer #16 (DC Entertainment)

This issue follows both Lucifer and Odin in their preparations for the hunt. Lucifer is looking to protect the hunted, and Odin is the one hunting. Odin has a tool in the black bone horn, which when blown starts the hunt. In the previous issue, though, Lucifer bought himself some time by breaking the horn. Now Odin has brought the horn to Hell for repairs, but he finds out quickly in order for his horn to be repaired he must pay a price and have his body torn apart.

A Familiar Face

During the issue we find Mazikeen running an antique shop full of some cursed objects. Right before Lucifer shows up we find her taking a sword off the hands of a poor sap who does not want to be a king. She pays $200 for it even though she claims she would have paid more had he bargained harder. A few noticeable differences for Mazikeen are the new silver mask she wears covering half her face and her speech.

Lucifer #16, Page #4; Mazikeen buys a sword
Lucifer #16 (DC Entertainment)

A new silver tongue allows her to speak much clearer than before. This was a welcome change as it was nearly impossible to understand what she was saying at times previously which did not make for a pleasurable reading experience. Lucifer came to Mazikeen for her help in finding and protecting the hunted God. Though what he finds is not what Lucifer expected. God turns out to be a middle-aged woman who is constantly getting verbally and emotionally abused by her mother. Bringing up her dead father did not help her cause either. This scene gave the book some good laughs when we saw Lucifer’s reaction to the god he must protect.

Torn Up In Hell

Meanwhile, as Lucifer is gaining the help of Mazikeen, Odin has traveled to Hell to repair the black bone horn. This version of Odin strays away from the one comic fans are probably most familiar with. Rather than the version we see in Marvel Comics’ Thor books, this Odin is much darker and grim. In order for Odin to repair the horn, he must enter the chamber with it, and in order to enter the chamber for it to be repaired, Odin must be broken as well. The scene is brutal and gory with the Norse God being ripped apart by an assortment of tools and machines. Through all of this though, Odin never lets go of the horn and is able to repair it.

The Art Team Of Lucifer #16

Lucifer #16, Page #6; Lucifer speaks to Mazikeen
Lucifer #16 (DC Entertainment)

The team of Max Fiumara and Dave McCaig return for Lucifer #16. Yet again in this issue, the art team excels. Bringing a mix of horror and a bit of humor to their art. This book is great, the dialogue and story from Dan Watters are superb, but the art is what puts it over the top. The art is a perfect match for the type of storytelling that’s been happening in this series. The genre and themes are a match made in heaven for this art team.

What Does Lucifer #16 Bring?

Lucifer #16 is another great issue in this incredible run. The build-up to the Wild Hunt has been entertaining and I am looking forward to seeing the climax. The contrast between the sarcastic and witty Lucifer and the serious Odin has been a fun pairing. It was good to see Mazikeen return to the book, especially with the changes to her dialogue. Dan Watters’ run has been magical and continues to grow with each issue. Lucifer #16 continued to create hype for the big hunt that is on the horizon. I am looking forward to seeing how the story picks up even more in issue #17.

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