It is the season for web series. May 2nd, we have a fresh web series for your eyes called, SON OF A… This web series SON OF A… is by Comedy Flo, a comedy-based production since 2010.

Most known for their short films such as Mama Needs a Ride and Sexcut. Matt Florio is the creator of the series, a screenwriter, actor, and producer from South Flordia. John Manzelli is the director and lead actor of the series from the South Flordia area as well.

SON OF A… Is About What?

SON OF A… is about James Beck, a successful, married man living in NYC. The American Dream, right? Unfortunately for him, that dream will suddenly come to an end. In one single day, James manages to get fired from his job, discover his wife is cheating, and learn that his mother has passed away.

With a sudden no hope in sight mentality, James returns home from Miami from his mother’s funeral. This reunites him with his father Augie for the first time in a while. James and Augie never truly saw eye-to-eye on much, only sharing an apparent frustration with one another.

However, you can’t choose family. James decides to extend his visit to be there for his father, Augie, in his time of need. Nonetheless, James learns that Augie needs much more than that.

Comedy Flo & SON OF A…

In 2012, Comedy Flo made the transition to the world of web — going into the streaming content hemisphere. SON OF A… is their fourth series. SON OF A… was awarded an official selection of the Prisma Awards, Comedy World Network International Film Festival, and Miami Independent Film Festival. Amongst many other considerations for other top web distribution festivals.

SON OF A… stars John Manzelli, George Schiavone, Matt Florio, Richard Bey, Sal Richards, Mike Marino, Tracie Turner-Jackson, Karen-Eileen Gordon, Jonathan Cardenas, Charles E. Bonamy, Rakhi Roy, Katie Anne Martinez and Manuel Zota. SON OF A… was created by Matt Florio and directed by John Manzelli.

‘Pray 4 James:’ The First Two Episodes of SON OF A…

Each episode could possibly range from eight to ten minutes long. The first two, however, we know are about ten minutes long . We got a glimpse into SON OF A… and let us tell you, this web series is exceptional. The main character, James, is surely fantastic.

James comes off as a cumbersome, do-gooder. But, in such a witty way. The web series production and directing wise is fantastic. The comedy aspect is high, the script writing is clear, and everything in between is filling. There aren’t any uncomfortable moments in the script where the punchline lands and everyone gets quiet.

It could be because of the high praise these actors and directors have. They have experience with comedy and even experience with being on an Internet screen. SON OF A… is a SON OF A… great web series. If you have some time in your week, check out the first episode.

You will not want to miss it!