If you haven’t kept up with Snotgirl (especially to get prepared for Snotgirl #9) you should be, this comic is fantastic. It comes out (from what I know from O’Malley’s social media) bi-monthly and while it kills me to wait, Snotgirl is worth it (“Snottie Lottie Person”).

Lottie is not the perfect person, she is not perfect by any means at least not as perfect as she thinks she is. Nonetheless, she’s a strong-headed woman, and that is why she is a part of the Women’s History Month series. Let’s give it up for Lottie Person, for being fantabulous!

Snotgirl #9

Snotgirl #9, Image Comics, 2018.

However, since we have waited so very long for Snotgirl #9, we are going to review it while we are here. Lottie Person and her weekend getaway are about to get a little dramatic… as per usual. Snotgirl #9 and the Snotgirl series is created by Bryan Lee O’Malley (the great) and Leslie Hung (the great). The coloring and lettering are by Rachael Cohen and Maré Odomo respectively.

It is published by Image Comics.

Who Is Lottie Person/Snotgirl?

Lottie is a social media star… with allergies. Outside of her allergies, she is a fun, loving, normal social media star. She has the perfect friends, the perfect boyfriend, and the perfect assistant. Her life is… well, perfect. 

Snotgirl #9

Snotgirl #9, Image Comics, 2018.

However, that all begins to fall apart when her boyfriend breaks up with her, a new friend by the name of Caroline dies… then comes back alive, and Snotgirl accidentally helps murder (with Caroline) her ex-boyfriend, Sunny’s new girlfriend, Charlene.

Throughout these nine issues, Lottie learns that being perfect is boring. Lottie also learns that her friends suck, and she just wants to have a guy that likes her and to just stop having allergies. Nonetheless, she gets caught up time and time again with different scenarios and sometimes they can be detrimental.

Hallucinations Are… Cool?

Snotgirl #9 follows directly after #8 and in the best way possible. We continue to get into the headspace of Lottie Person and slowly into what is going on. People keep turning up dead, the people we thought were alive are dead again?

Snotgirl #9

Snotgirl #9, Image Comics, 2018.

It’s a complete mind twist, in the best way possible. I have so many questions that have yet to have answers to them and I am perfectly fine with that. Now, of course, Sunny and Lottie are my OTP forever; why wouldn’t they be? However, he turns up every time when someone is dead or when something weird happens.

There are a few characters I have as primary suspects and I have my eyes on him.

Snotgirl #9 Makes A Turn For The Worst…

This issue satisfied every single itch I had for Lottie Person. Lottie is not a bad person, by any means, she is just keeping up with appearances and the facade.

She does not want to give anything up; she just wants it to calm down. However, in order for it to calm down, she has to give it up so it’s a 50/50 turn for the worst in every scenario.

…But, Not Art-Wise!

The art is just… marvelous. The characters are drawn in such a millennial way, and that’s a good thing because this is a millennial comic. It is relatable in that sense because even though Lottie is melodramatic, I can relate. Millennials are so over dramatic so Lottie is basically all of us. In the era of social media and ‘social media models’ this comic rings true.

Snotgirl #9

Snotgirl #9, Image Comics, 2018.

Outside of Instagram, those models probably look like normal human beings. They may even have an allergy problem like Lottie. But no one sees it for a reason. No one would like that, no one would want to see that in pictures. They want to see OOTD’s and cute outings with friends, not allergies. So, when Snottie Lottie makes an appearance — she doesn’t want anyone to see that.

Snotgirl #9 Is Worth The Read!

Back to the art… I said it was marvelous, and I have to say it again. I adore the art because of the coloring as well as the drawing of it. The colors are so vibrant and work so well together. The colors indicate emotions, settings, and basic conversation. In this comic, it does that especially well. I love how Lottie’s hair is always so vibrant and dramatic much like herself.

Snotgirl #9

Snotgirl #9, Image Comics, 2018.

Snotgirl #9 is a continuation of the previous issues, but you can hop in and get the gist of the comic just fine here. I think it takes a skill to be able to jump into the middle of a series and still understand the concept. Snotgirl is exciting and fun if it’s not anything else. But, trust me, it is such a great comic that you do not want to miss out on.

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Snotgirl #9 by Bryan Lee O'Malley and Leslie Hung; the coloring and lettering are by Rachel Cohen and Maré Odomo respectively.
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