Sleepy Hollow: A scary, mysterious supernatural series based on the Halloween story, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.

In A Nutshell

Set in Sleepy Hollow, New York, one day a man called Ichabod Crane appears claiming that he has been resurrected after dying in the 18th century. That same day, sheriff Abbie Mill’s mentor is killed by a headless horseman. Abbie, who has some past experience with the supernatural herself, will try to make sense out of everything that’s happening while deciding whether she should believe Crane’s story or not.

Meet the Characters

Ichabod Crane - sleepy hollow - the daily fandom

Ichabod Crane

Crane was a former professor of history at the Oxford University prior to the American Revolution, and who later worked for George Washington. He died in 1781 after beheading the Horseman. However, he is resurrected in the 21st century. Even though he struggles to adapt to his new situation at first, he soon catches up on the modern world with the help of Abbie Mills.


abbie mills - sleepy hollow - the daily fandom

Abbie Mills

Abbie is a resident of Sleepy Hollow who was about to transfer to Quantico to transfer with the FBI until Crane appeared and dragged her into his world. Abbie has a history of dealing with the supernatural, which helps her believe what Crane is saying when no one else believed him. Even so, she still always tries to find a logical reason for everything that happens.


frank irving - sleepy hollow - the daily fandom

Frank Irving

Frank is the chief of Sleepy Hollow’s Sheriff’s department. At first, he is shown skeptical of Crane and Abbie’s behaviour and he comes off as a strict, serious person. Frank is one of the characters who changes the most throughout the series, so talking about him is actually quite spoiler-y.



A Brief History of Sleepy Hollow: the When, Where and How

Sleepy Hollow is an American supernatural drama series by FOX. The series premiered on September 16th, 2013. The story is loosely based on the 1820 Halloween short story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving with the added concept from “Rip Van Winkle“. The show is currently airing its third season.

Why It’s Awesome

sleepy hollow - the daily fandom
Basically, if you like shows like Supernatural or iZombie, you will most definitely like this one as well. Aside from being based on an existing story that has been adapted many times and in many different forms, Sleepy Hollow is actually a very entertaining show due to several factors.

For one, the characters are all very interesting and unique in its own way. Seeing how a person from the past would react to living in our current society is always interesting to see, especially since it provides an outsider point of view that allows for some self-criticism. Abbie is a very interesting character who has her own past and personal issues, many of which become relevant when the things like the four horsemen and the Apocalypse are revealed to her. If that wasn’t enough, Crane and Abbie have great chemistry and they are one of the best mystery-solving duo I’ve seen in a long time on TV. All the other secondary characters are also interesting and add to the plot in their own way.

There’s also the fact that this show is actually pretty scary. When I started watching Sleepy Hollow, it actually reminded me of the first seasons of Supernatural. I appreciated the horror factor even more considering I really miss the horror that has been lacking from the CW show recently. If having a headless horseman loose wasn’t enough, Sleepy Hollows also give us jumpscares and very creepy creatures. You don’t want to watch this one with the lights off!

Bottom line, whether you’re a fan of classic American literature, American history or supernatural and mythological stuff in general, you will most likely end up loving this show!

Overall Score

Category Score
Show Quality 8,5/10
Characters 9/10
Fandom 8/10
Diversity 8,5/10
Drama/Comedy 9/10
Total 43/50