The series is gory, by far the goriest TV series I have watched. Even SCREAM is not as gory as this series. If you do not like gore I would skip this one; it does show a lot of sex scenes as well. If you don’t want to see that, I would pass on this or skip them; whichever you prefer. There are spoilers in this, a ton of them — so watch out for those, too!

Slasher is a horror, drama TV series by the company Chiller. It is a Canadian based TV series with Super Channel as well. The second season, however, the rights were acquired by Netflix. The second season is independently titled as a “Netflix Original.” Slasher is a season-long anthology, with a mysterious storyline that will usually be resolved in the season finale or the conclusion of the series overall.

Slasher: What It Is About

It is a similar style to the American Horror Story series where the seasons will not be subsequent. In that same retrospect, similar actors and actresses will play different roles in different seasons of the show. Slasher purposely leaves the characters intentions and lives ambitious for many reasons.

SLASHER The Executioner -- (Photo by: Stephen Scott/Chiller/Shaftesbury), 2016.

SLASHER THE EXECUTIONER — (Photo by: Stephen Scott/Chiller/Shaftesbury), 2016.

One is that it leaves the watcher to think the killer could very well be the main character. However, in that same light, they are analyzed, explored, magnified and eliminated one-by-one either by death or deductive processes. Until the real killer is revealed and his motives are brought to the surface.

SlasherThe Executioner: Season 1

Slasher has eight episodes and is usually about 53 minutes long — meaning you will spend 8 hours binging the show unless you skip through parts or skip episodes. Season 1’s “The Executioner” is about Sarah Bennett’s parents.

They were murdered at her home on Halloween Night 1988 when she was just a child in Waterbury, a fictional town in Canada. Sarah’s mother Rachel was pregnant at the time of her murder when police walked into her home with the killer holding the baby.

Sarah years later has a husband and is now living back in her parents’ former home. She is greeted by copycat murders of the same killer, “The Executioner,” during her first few days of moving back. Soon thereafter Sarah visits Tom, her parent’s murderer and gets insight on what the killer’s motives are.

It was soon realized that they were deadly sins, Sarah and Tom, together come up with what sins they could be. The show seems to harbor on religious themes and the difference between Heaven and Hell and what it means to follow a strict guideline of what either expects you to do.

Everyone in the fictional town of Waterbury has a sin they are following. Not everyone is perfect, and the killer knows that. Everyone has something that they don’t want others to know, but on the outside, they go to church every Sunday. It really shows an interesting religious take on morals.

Slasher The Executioner’ — Cons

The series starts off slow. It begins with a lot of faults, one being everything in the background. Often times Sarah leaves her door open when she is leaving, her husband, Dylan, who leaves the door open when he is going to look for Sarah. The killer comes face-to-face with Sarah twice and not killing her.

SLASHER The Executioner -- (Photo by: Stephen Scott/Chiller/Shaftesbury), 2016.

SLASHER THE EXECUTIONER — (Photo by: Stephen Scott/Chiller/Shaftesbury), 2016.

Sarah was walking around the neighborhood alone at night, all the time. These are faults that can happen to a horror TV series. Usually, they are for a good reason. Mistakes often in horror movies are on purpose because it shows how simple-minded people can be, even with a murderer running around and killing people.

Sarah & Dylan

Sarah and Dylan have little to no chemistry, and that could derive from Sarah having little to no acting skills in this particular show. I found her acting to be glum and slightly overdone. Sarah and Tom is a weird position to have in a horror-styled television series.

Sarah & Tom

Talking to the man who killed your entire family is weird. There is no right way to say it’s okay. That plot I found to be strange and uncomfortable for me. Sarah having to tell him each time that they are friends, but yet she continues to go back and talk to him about the murders? I was confused.

Sarah & Herself

She puts herself in weird situations that are unnecessary when a damn killer is running around. Also, why does Sarah’s accent change throughout the show? She tries to sound like she’s from the UK sometimes, and then sometimes she’s American. I was confused about that notion, but it’s a tiny issue to complain about.

‘The Horror Genre’

The horror and gore is a huge plus; it is what we need more from the genre of horror. I appreciated that and getting some blood in the show. However, it sometimes was so much that it became a joke; more so like a parody of horror in a lot of ways.

‘The Killer’

The killer was suspected. A police officer that kills by night and then saves the day? Of course, he would get away with the murders, he is a police officer by day, and thus, he can hide his own evidence. What I particularly didn’t like about that is — Cam was the most random person in the series.

I didn’t know much about him, not much was said, and he was always there. Without reason, he was there and quickly. Sarah trusting him was the first give away; usually, the person the main character trusts the most is the killer. It couldn’t be Tom, Dylan was never around enough, and everyone else mostly died, so Cam it was.

SLASHER THE EXECUTIONER -- (Photo by: Stephen Scott/Chiller/Shaftesbury), 2016.

SLASHER THE EXECUTIONER — (Photo by: Stephen Scott/Chiller/Shaftesbury), 2016.

They made him seem too crazy at the end of the series. You can very well be crazy, but you don’t have to be like Cam was. It doesn’t make it scary; it makes it funny. That was something that I did not really enjoy about the character.

Slasher The Executioner — Pros

The lore is interesting. Dealing with a serial killer who kills based on the seven deadly sins is what drew me to this series. Religion is a huge aspect of a lot of TV shows now, and it is interesting to see how it differs depending on the genre. The fictional town is believable, it seems real, it appears real, and it’s a great lore to add to the overall setting of the show.

The pace of the show was great like I stated before — 8 episodes is a considerable amount for a horror genre TV series. You don’t get too much, you don’t get too little, and you get enough to get spooked. That is really all you need in a horror TV series. The pace was perfect.

The cinematography was outstanding, directing and production wise, this show is one of the better ones to come out. The cinematography was perfect, and you got the vibe of horror throughout. That is something to be praised. Adding in interracial relationships, homosexual relationships, and diversity was something great, too.

It is an okay show to watch if you want to watch something a little spooky for background noise. For an actual plot, I would say American Horror Story might be better for that. Slasher The Executioner is fun and entertaining, but merely just that. Stay tuned for Slasher: ‘The Guilty’ review.