Who Is The Slasher In Durarara

Who Is The Slasher In Durarara 2022?

Are you wondering who is the Slasher in Durarara? And what are his motives? Read on to find out everything you need to know about this heinous killer.

The Slasher debuted in the 5th episode of the anime Durarara!! and in chapter 6 of volume 2 in the manga series.

We see a lot of conversations in the Chat Room surrounding the slashings in Ikebukuro because they instill fear in the people who hear about them. Who is the Slasher and what is its purpose?

Slasher In Durarara

Who Is The Slasher In Durarara?

Presence in the Chat Room and attacks on residents

The members of the Chat Room realize that a new user going by the name Saika is sending spam messages whereby the user professes love for all humanity.

The user uses ‘we’ in its communication showing that a group of people is using the platform to get their message across. What comes off as odd is their desire to find someone who is naturally very strong.

As everyone in the town knows, the strongest is Shizuo, they know he is the person Saika is looking for. Celty, Mikado, and Izaya are the users who log in after Saika logs off and they discuss this new user. Izaya informs both about a demonic blade.

Celty is attacked by an unknown entity when she confronts a man who stole the money. She is hurt in the arm area with a blade that injures her.

The assailant fails to cause more harm as Celty is headless and the assailant’s main purpose was to behead her. As Celty is a Dullahan, it takes her by surprise because she couldn’t sense this entity coming so close to her and hurting her.

Other residents of Ikebukuro are also attacked by the unknown entity and this causes fear to spread across the town as no one has a clue about what is happening.

It causes rising tension among the various gangs and they are ready to fight each other because they think the other group is responsible for these gruesome attacks.

How Saika and Slasher are related

Saika is an entity that is part of a sword. Its obsessive love towards humanity makes it want to cut people and then possess those people instantly after being cut.

Saika’s motivations are far from nice because it just wants to overpower humanity and use humans as mere puppets. The possessed individual is eventually turned insane because he has no option but to listen to every single command that the Saika gives.

The Saika gets into the head of the wielder and turns their eyes red. Humans look and act like zombies when they are possessed by Saika and they get physically stronger as a result of the possession.

who is the main villain in durarara

A Saika works like an infection because it affects anyone who is cut by it and eventually gets hold of them completely.

The Saika can be wielded by anyone and a Slasher is a name given to anyone who wields the Saika to slash others. Saika’s other name is Slasher because it is the entity in the Saika that turns someone into a Slasher.

Saika is known as Mother by Saika’s children. Saika’s children are simply those who are possessed by the entity after being cut by the original blade or Saika.

For example, Haruna was cut by a Saika daughter blade and she wielded a blade that wasn’t the original Saika. The blade she wielded became Saika’s daughter’s blade.

Saika’s Wielders

For a long time, we are led to believe that Haruna is the Slasher and she kind of is because she is the one responsible for the many slashings across town.

However, eventually, we find out that the blade she owns is one of Saika’s children and not the original Saika. Anri Sonohara is the current host of Saika. In the police report, Anri mentioned that a thief killed both her parents.

what is the chat room in durarara

But in reality, something else transpired altogether. Anri’s abusive father tried to strangle Anri to death when his wife Sayaka (Anri’s mother) decapitated him suddenly to save her daughter. Sayaka then killed herself instantly.

Anri didn’t know about the power of the Saika and accidentally touched it after her mother killed herself thereby unknowingly becoming the new wielder of the original Saika.

She was the one who attacked Celty although the latter shows no remorse after finding out about the attack. Anri is able to hide the fact that she is a Slasher because she can easily control the blade.

After her parents’ death, Anri doesn’t feel anything because the trauma was too much for her to handle. She was just a child at that time.

As Anri feels she is incapable of loving anyone, she can control Saika with ease because Anri doesn’t feel love unlike Saika whose twisted theory of love is too extreme.  

Kasane Kujiragi is the original wielder of Saika and Shinra gets the Saika from her. Shinra Kishitani loves Celty (a non-human) and so even though he wields Saika, he isn’t possessed by its powers because he is emotionally strong.

Shinra mentions that he will return the Saika to the original wielder because it belongs to her. Takashi Nasujima is also able to resist getting possessed by Saika.

The others, who are residents of the town, get slashed by the Saika (which Haruna had) and join the Saika Army. As Haruna goes on a rampage across town, she manages to slash many people who become part of the Saika Army.

The Saika is an interesting concept in Durarara!! and the creators of the series brought an intriguing story with the help of Saika, Saika’s daughter blades, and Saika’s Army. What do you think of Saika? Did the real identity of the Slasher take you by surprise?

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