Is Slasher Guilty Party Scary?

Slasher: Guilty Party

The series is gory, by far the goriest TV series I have watched. Even SCREAM is not as gory as this series. If you do not like gore I would skip this one; it does show a lot of sex scenes as well. If you don’t want to see that, I would pass on this or skip them; whichever you prefer. There are spoilers in this, a ton of them — so watch out for those, too!

Slasher is a horror, drama TV series by the company Chiller. It is a Canadian based TV series with Super Channel as well. The second season, however, the rights were acquired by Netflix. The second season is independently titled as a “Netflix Original.” Slasher is a season-long anthology, with a mysterious storyline that will usually be resolved in the season finale or the conclusion of the series overall.

Slasher: What It Is About

It is a similar style to the American Horror Story series where the seasons will not be subsequent. In that same retrospect, similar actors and actresses will play different roles in different seasons of the show. Slasher purposely leaves the characters intentions and lives ambitious for many reasons.

Slasher: Guilty Party -- Netflix, 2017.
Slasher Guilty Party — Netflix, 2017.

One is that it leaves the watcher to think the killer could very well be the main character. However, in that same light, they are analyzed, explored, magnified and eliminated one-by-one either by death or deductive processes. Until the real killer is revealed and his motives are brought to the surface.

Slasher Guilty Party Season 2

Slasher has 8-episodes as the last season did, that centers around a horrific murderer and a secret. A former summer camp group full of counselors buried a secret long, long ago. At the beginning of the series, due to unforeseen circumstances, they have to return to an isolated resort in the dead of winter to get back evidence they left in their youth. (As if it would still be there?)

The setting is deep inside the snow-filled wilderness, so the killing matches the environment. They are gruesome and cold. The group realizes that the camp has become a private spiritual commune cut-off from civilization. The weather, wilderness, and choice are all in the murderer’s hands. Shortly after they are there, they realize they keep being killed one-by-one, being targeted by someone or something out for revenge.

The location and relationship of others start to wear thin, and they begin to turn against one another. Throughout the episodes, all of their secrets are told one-by-one. What happened during summer camp? Who was it? Why did they do it? Before long, they are wondering how they’ll survive.

Slasher Guilty Party — Cons

The start of Slasher’s Guilty Party already began ten times better than the previous season did. Although both seasons are not related in any way, I will allude to both since they are all made by the same writer and director. The writing hands down from the start is better than the first season. In general terms of plot, mystery, and character development.

Slasher: Guilty Party -- Netflix, 2017.
Slasher Guilty Party — Netflix, 2017.

The first season tiered so much with drama — more than horror — this is horror without a doubt. The gore, again this season, was too out there to be real. The graphics were similar to a Final Destination film. You could tell it was fake, primarily the chainsaw scene.

It did not make me jump or scream; I felt it was one of those things where it was too gory to look real. Other than the gore not looking real, like the previous season, this season does do a lot of things better. It does mystery, crazy, and above all — acting, ten times better than the first season.

There were more storylines this season, but some of it was too much. I did like all the characters and what they brought to the table, however, at times, I did feel like I was getting an unnecessary background on the characters at the lodge. Again, though, this is personal preference — some people may like that aspect of it.

Slasher Guilty Party — Pros

All of these actors this season are stellar. They did the job they came for and played it well. Last season I had my issues between that and between the lack of chemistry between the characters. Also, the story was not very believable. However, this story was real and appeared real, and the flashbacks are what got me interested in this season.

The Flashbacks = The Best Part of “Guilty Party”

The flashbacks added to the backstory and that I appreciated. We get into the lives of the characters, how they did what they did, and how it/they ended up in the present moment. I enjoyed how the writers did that. One of the best aspects of the overall series. I also loved the setting of this season, being in the snow was gorgeous, but it was frightening too.

It added a lot of uncertainty to the way these characters would meet their demise. The way the characters ended up where they were and how they found the body is what I enjoyed as well. It covered all the basics of the mystery at hand. We knew why they were being murdered, what happened when they were teenagers, who did it, and who the murderer is. All the simple questions of a mystery solved by the end.

Slasher Guilty Party VS. The Executioner

Unlike the first season, we know every angle of why everything is happening. This season did mostly everything ten times better than the first season. This season was not hanging so much on the American Horror Story vibe either. The first season, I felt, used too much of AHS. This season I got hints, but nothing definite. It stayed its own series while borrowing certain aspects from AHS.

Slasher: Guilty Party -- Netflix, 2017.
Slasher Guilty Party — Netflix, 2017.

This series is fabulous if you want something spooky with a decent story and plot. It moves slowly at the pace of eight episodes, but it’s well worth it by the end of the series. I don’t like the slow pace, personally, but if you need a good Netflix and chill show to watch — watch this one. If you haven’t seen our review of Slasher The Executioner, you can find that here.

List Of Killings By Episode

Chainsaw attack to the sternum and then the remaining viscera are used to decorate a snowman.
Tied down to the ground and then sliced down, both major arteries on the neck, bleeding out to death.
Eyes poked out with steel pipe and neck snapped.
Churned in the stomach via an auger used by the killer.
Poisoned with poison ivy berries hidden in her soup.
Throat slit by Renée.
Burned alive in episode 5 by the killer, but died in episode 6, due to fatal burn injuries.
Shot in the chest, then ran over with a snowmobile by the killer.
Shot in the head by the killer.
Shot dead by the killer.
When given a choice between his life and Kiera’s, he hangs himself to save her.

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