Silicon Valley ‘White Hat/Black Hat’ Recap and Review


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

It seemed like things were looking better for Pied Piper: they had gotten funding and they were winning against EndFrame by stealing their client. ‘White Hat/Black Hat’ is a step back when things backfire on Richard and the boys. 

Nucleus keeps struggling. The marketing strategies don’t convince Gavin, who wants something more innovative. Instead of explaining Nucleus to tech journalists, Gavin wants to keep it secret until they release it. This makes his team suspect that they’re not on schedule or that there’s some kind of problem. Because of that, Gavin asks David Bannercheck to go back to Hooli and wants to put him in charge of Nucleus next to him. Even though he convinces him, David leaves the building a few minutes after having entered it, which enrages Gavin. 
Silicon Valley - White Hat/Black Hat - The Daily Fandom

Meanwhile, Elrich and Jian-Yang go to Palo Alto to sell an app for parents to locate uncrowded playgrounds when they accidently catch Monica smoking. Monica asks them not to say anything since Laurie hates smoking and she later warns Elrich that the app is basically a tool for pedophiles. After a meeting with the four of them that seemed to go pretty well, Jian-Yang starts smoking cause “it’s a special occasion” and accidentally reveals that he took the cigarettes from Monica’s purse… in front of Laurie. Can this woman get a break?

But the main focus of the episode was Seth Lee, an EndFrame ex-worker who got fired after what Pied Piper did. Richard finds out about it and says it’s not Seth’s fault that he got fired since they actually didn’t break his code. Gilfoyle and Dinesh tell him to let it go since Seth is still “a piece of shit”. However, Richard, who feels bad for Seth, meets up with him to tell him the truth. Things don’t go as well as planned when Seth actually gets really mad, calls Gilfoyle and later threatens to “skull-fuck” them. Gilfoyle and Dinesh tell Richard that Seth’s not gonna do anything so there’s no reason to worry. Richard stops being paranoid and meets up with Seth again to thank him for not doing anything and accidentally mentions that Gilfoyle was sure he wouldn’t do anything. Seth sees it as a challenge and calls Gilfoyle once again with more threats. 

silicon valley - white hat/black hat - the daily fandom

While they’re doing their most complicated and, as Richard puts it, “vulnerable” operation of transmiting all the data from the porn site, Richard is very nervous because he fears something is gonna go wrong because of Seth. In that moment, Russ comes in with some Tres Comas (his tequila brand) to celebrate they’re back on track. However, Richard is not in the mood and tells him that he’s no longer their money guy since he stopped giving them money and then calls him an asshole. Russ acts quite upset and, when it seems he wanted to show them a present that he had gotten for them (a fancy car), it turned out to be for himself. 

Suddenly, their client calls Richard with an emergency because they’re deleting all their data. The boys hurry inside but there’s no way they can stop it because they have been blocked. Richard is obviously freaking out while Gilfoyle is very shocked that Seth could actually do this. Russ realises that his bottle of tequila was on the delete key of a laptop and that’s what was causing the chaos. After that, Russ says nothing more and leaves.

Later on, Richard, Elrich and Monica meet with the client to explain what happened, which actually resulted in the loss of over 9,000 hours of content. Richard tries to convince her telling her that their system is still very impressive since they managed to delete so much content in so little time and that EndFrame would have erased less (which is obviously not convincing). She obviously tells them to get out.

With only two episodes left, our main characters are back on square 1 with no Russ and no porn client. And Hooli isn’t doing any better. Gavin’s company was always one step ahead of Pied Piper. This time, it seems both companies are having difficulties. Will we see another confrontation at the end of the season?


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