Silicon Valley ‘Two in the Box’ Review


They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Even though the Pied Piper boys have had problems with their business since the beginning, it was always theirs. If Season 1 was about starting Pied Piper and Season 2 dealed with getting it funded, Season 3 seems like it’s going to focus on re-gaining the control of Pied Piper.


The first thing I said about Jack Barker’s introduction last week is that he seemed like a nice guy. Scratch that. He might have good intentions, but the truth is, he’s not in Richard’s best interests. Jack has got a very different approach to Pied Piper’s future. He uses a system he personally created called the “conjoined triangle of success”, in which “growth” is key and, in order to do that, he invests in the best possible environment so that they can attract the best people. The question now is… can you really apply Google’s method of success as a search engine to Pied Piper, a lossless compression system?

Season 2’s ‘Server Space’ had already toyed with the idea of moving Pied Piper’s headquarters somewhere else and it finally does happen ‘Two in the Box’. Even though the place looks really cool (Gilfoyle and Denish seem to be enjoying it a lot), it does present some other issues within the group’s dynamics. Jared not having a fix place to live has gone from being funny to actually quite sad. He’s sleep deprived and he will probably have to start a legal eviction, while Erlich is having similar problems when trying to kick Jian Yang out of the place. I also find it interesting that Richard, Gilfoyle and Denish are still living at Elrich’s even though they no longer work there anymore and they supposedly earn enough money to live at their own places.

Meanwhile, something is cooking in Hooli, as usual. This time, though, it doesn’t come from Gavin Belson, who seems to be at his lowest point. Gavin wants to eliminate all evidence of what happened at Hooli by erasing things from the public record of Hooli’s search engine. In other words, censorship of negative mentions by altering neutrality of the algorithms. As it turns out, some of the techs working on this command find a way to do so, but instead of using it for Gavin, they want to turn it into a business idea. I can’t help but wonder if Big Head and the money he got will have something to do with this somehow.

While the title ‘Two in the box’ is a reference to both Jack and Richard fighting for what’s best for Pied Piper, Jack’s slogan ‘Think inside the box’ for the back-up storage solution is a clear reference to how he’s the exact opposite of Richard. In the Season 2 finale, Richard said that he wanted Pied Piper to be something different. He didn’t want to lie, he wanted to be real and honest in everything they did, and he’s starting to show that when speaking up to Jack. In a world like Silicon Valley, Richard’s Pied Piper is all about thinking outside of the box and Jack Barker as the CEO doesn’t allow the company to do that.


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