Silicon Valley ‘Two Days of the Condor’ Review: Where Magic Happens


WARNING: This review contains HUGE spoilers for the finale

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do a season finale. While it’s true that during Season 2 I thought that the show had become somewhat less interesting than Season 1, I truly believe that ‘Two Days of the Condor’ is the best episode we’ve seen of this series so far.

We pick up where we left off in the previous episode: apparently, the man from the livestream didn’t die but he’s stuck and injured and he keeps asking for help, something that has made their livestream go viral. While Richard is back in court with Jerry, both convinced that they’ll lose the case, the guys stay at home trying to work wonders to keep up the livestream and earn more views.

During this, Elrich and his house are once again a key part of this season. The house was already heavily featured in episode Server Space, when the team nearly moved to a different office. But, as it was stated in that episode, the house is a part of the team. Elrich is willing to sell the house for the money even though Jared tries to convince him not to because this, the circus that was going on in that place, was “magic”. Elrich is not convinced until the lady tells him that they would actually tear the house down. But that is a whole other thing to Elrich:

“You don’t call a man a fool on the threshold  of his own home. A home that happens to be the world headquarters of a company giving streaming video of a man who’s about to drink his own urine online for tens of thousands of Filipinos”.

Silicon Valley - Two Days of the Condor - The Daily Fandom

“Doing this is intoxicating, don’t act like it’s not magical!”

Contrary to what we’re used to seeing in this series, this episode was all about the guys working as a team to keep Pied Piper alive. More than that, it was them working as friends. Jared couldn’t care less about his past job at Hooli since he thought that what they were doing at Pied Piper was way better. Even Elrich gave us all the feels when he chose not just his house but what they were doing at that house over money. Of course, Gilfoyle and Dinesh are always gonna fight (and give me reasons to ship them) but they still had some time to give us a precious moment when Gilfoyle was picking some lemons for Dinesh.

Meanwhile, at the court, the judge decides to give the case to Hooli, which makes Richard send a text to Jared asking them to delete it all and make Pied Piper disappear so Hooli can’t have it. However, the judge hadn’t finished speaking and reveals a lot of illegal stuff that Hooli had done over the years, turning the case around and giving Pied Piper back to Richard. Unfortunately, the boys had already began the process of deleting everything and, of course, just at that moment a series of unfortunate events made it impossible for Richard to contact the team and tell them to stop.

silicon valley - two days of the condor - the daily fandom

‘Did you delete it?!’

Richard is lucky enough to get home (and nearly break the door) to tell them not to delete Pied Piper before it’s too late. He is too late. But, thanks to Dinesh’s ‘shitty software’ (or Gilfoyle’s ‘shit hardware’), the system was frozen meaning that they didn’t get to delete everything. Richard breathes a sigh of relief and tells them the good news: the lawsuit is gone and Pied Piper is theirs.

Just when you thought it was over…

Monica, Russ and Laurie, characters that hadn’t appeared during the finale, make an appearance at the end of the episode and everyone knows nothing good happens in the last 5 minutes of a season finale. Russ is very happy and tells Monica that Laurie has put him back over a B (“it means a billion”).

silicon valley - two days of the condor - the daily fandom

“They decided to remove me from my own company”

Monica goes to talk to Laurie about it and her boss gives her the bad news. While the boys are celebrating (when was the last time we saw them play that game?) Richard gets a call from Monica, who tells him the horrible news: he’s no longer the CEO… he got fired from Pied Piper. And there we have our cliff-hanger for Season 3.

Kumail Nanjiani was right: the episode was incredibly intense. It had lots of excitement (the fire while keeping up the livestream, the resolution of the case, Richard’s race to stop the deletion) to the point that I found it hard to look away from the screen. But it also had a lot of emotional moments, most of them brought to us by Elrich and the rest of the guys fighting for Pied Piper until the end (which includes delaying the deletion).

For now, and considering Hooli and Gavin’s terrible situation, I don’t think that we’re going to see another Pied Piper vs Nucleus next season. That belongs now in the past. After Pied Piper has finally won their battle, they have to face new problems. MAJOR problems. The good part is that this storyline will give us the chance to keep seeing this teamwork with the guys wanting to help their (ex)boss, Richard.

Stay strong, SV squad!


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