Starting a new company is hard, not only because of competition and external circumstances , but also because you’re bound to make mistakes and have internal conflicts as well. ‘The Uptick’ shows the consequences of Pied Piper’s inexperience and self-doubts.


From the way ‘Daily Active Users‘ ended, it all seemed to point towards Jared being responsible of all the chaos that we could expect for the finale. That was not the case, though – Jared was going to tell Richard himself, and Richard actually already knew about it. Furthermore, what was even more surprising is that Richard actually agreed with the plan, making it their little secret. Except it was not really a secret – Gilfoyle and Dinesh sensed that something was up and suspected that the users were fake, and Richard himself confessed before he could see himself involved in committing fraud.

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“Everytime I try to do the right think I get f*cked”

Richard has had his fair share of mistakes and questionable decision in this season, but ‘The Uptick’ finally saw the consequences of all that, even if he ended doing the right thing at the end. One of the major consequences being Erlich getting really mad at him, for real. Erlich, who has always been shown as the goofy and morally-questionable guy, is probably the last person I would expect to get this serious. It’s actually pretty strange that we would side with him in a situation like this. Erlich has now saved Pied Piper twice: Bachmanity buying the company was not only a big surprise, but also a great way to bring the Erlich-BigHead storyline that had been building in the background all season. It’s not going to be that easy, though. Regardless of them partying (always blue! always blue!), I’m sure Erlich will still have difficulty trusting Richard from now on. Actually, all of them will need to talk this out as they will be doing some restructuring of everyone’s roles within the company. And yes, that includes Big Head, who now owns 50% of Pied Piper!

‘The Uptick’ was a very different finale from what we were used to. While the finales for Seasons 1 and 2 were very intense episodes, this time it was a slower, sadder episode that saw our characters at their lowest. Just as they had given up, everything was fixed thanks to Erlich and the finale actually ended on a happy note. Pied Piper is saved and they are once again owners of the company and their destiny. Even if they have no money, it’s a fresh start. Because ‘The Uptick’ was all about the issues within the company, Gavin didn’t have a very relevant role in the finale (although the dead elephant culminating his animal-related gags was quite funny).

Now for the questions for next season:
  • How will they redistribute the roles and shares in Pied Piper?
  • What role will Gavin have and will he continue working with Barker?
  • Will Monica join Pied Piper?
  • How will Richard regain his reputation and his coworkers’ trust?