Silicon Valley: ‘The Lady’ Review


As the title suggests, ‘The Lady’ fixes some of the major issues we had for Silicon Valley: more female presence. After they got a troublesome investor in last episode, this week Pied Piper is hiring, something that causes some tension in the team. 

WARNING: This review contains SPOILERS

Richard and Jared start doing some job interviews to hire new team members for Pied Piper. Among them, there’s a guy who claims to be a cyborg and his name is Jared. Even though he’s quite weird, Richard and Jared want to hire him because he’s very skilled. However, that doesn’t sit well with Erlich since, after all, it’s his house and he wants to have something to say on the people who enter it. After all, despite the fact that they’re always fighting, all these guys know each other and kind of trust each other. But, as the company grows, they’re gonna start hiring new people. It’s a conflict that they had to face at some time.

Jared wants to hire a woman which is when we enter a discussion that is quite sensitive and relevant in recent times: should we have a minimum amount of women in the workplace or should we just hire people based on their skills and not their gender? Jared struggles to make clear that they want to hire the best person, but it’s even better if that person is a woman. They end up hiring Carla (Alice Wetterlund) who makes things clear from the beginning:

Silicon Valley - The Lady- The Daily Fandom

“I’m not a woman engineer, I’m an engineer”

However, Carla makes things difficult on her first days of work because Dinesh and Gilfoyle get the feeling that she keeps rubbing on their faces how much money she’s making. Because of the new hiring process, Richard tells the team that if any of them is unhappy or finds the workplace hostile, they can send him an anonymous letter. Dinesh and Gilfoyle use that to complain about Carla, who was actually just pretending to make money to piss them off. Richard and Jacob demand her to stop which she promises to do, not without showing that she’s gonna be quite problematic anyway. 

Later on, Richard, Erlich and Monica go to Ross Hanneman’s house for a meeting, where they are introduced to his wife, his son and some kind of house voice-system called “The Lady”, which works as the strict parent for their son. They vote on some decisions, including hiring the Cyborg. Erlich, who’s still mad at Richard, makes things difficult by disagreeing with them and voting for Hanneman’s suggestion to add some “swag” via useless and expensive PP merchandising.  

silicon valley - the lady - the daily fandom

At the end of the episode, Richard and Erlich finally talk to solve their issues. After all, both had a point. Erlich ends up accepting that they hire Jared the Cyborg just like Richard wanted. However, Richard insists that it’s not necessary and they end up arguing again. As Richard calls the Cyborg to tell him that he’s not hiring him, he finds out that the Cyborg actually took another job from Russ Hanneman himself.

On the other hand, we have Hooli. Gavin Belson gives a conference in which he introduces Davis Bannerchek, as the new “Head Dreamer”, along with Nelson as his co-head, to Big Head’s surprise. Funnily enough, they call him Baghead. A potential sign that he doesn’t really belong there. So far, things are looking good for him: he has better salary, a new office and an assistant. But is it gonna be too much for him?

We saw a lot of progress in this episode. Apart from the addition of a few new characters, we also had Big Head getting promoted. In a sense, it felt like both Pied Piper and Hooli are recruiting members to prepare for some kind of business war.

On the other hand, ‘The Lady’ didn’t refer as much to the machine in Hanneman’s house but to Carla, the new member in Pied Piper. It was about time that we had a woman in Pied Piper because, even though Monica is having more importance lately, it’s not the same as having someone in the team (although she’s still missing in our cover photo…). With time, we can only hope that she’s gonna be seen as just another regular member, and not just ‘the lady’.


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