The Empty Chair

Silicon Valley ‘The Empty Chair’ Review

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It’s almost hard to believe how, no matter how much Richard & co. screw up, they always manage to sneak their way back on top one way or another. In ‘The Empty Chair’, Big Head appears as the Deus Ex Machina the boys needed.


After having been left with an empty CEO chair, there is a noticeable lack of leadership and decision-making in Pied Piper. Richard quickly interprets it as a “no one call tell us not to do something” type of situation and, since he’s the CTO, he places himself as the leader of the company. The first thing he does is what he’s wanted to do since the beginning: cutting on all the BS, including firing staff, to save money.

Richard has always been a simplistic guy, in a good way. Sadly, this simplistic way of doing things has caused him to struggle to fit in Silicon Valley since the beginning. Another aspect of him that makes negotiations difficult for him is the fact that he gets very nervous in front of stressful situations. Even if he’s long past being quiet and is now starting to speak his mind, his anxiety still caused him to totally blow the meeting with the tech blogger (Annie Sertich). The scene was done brilliantly as we as the audience were aware that Richard was ruining it with each word he said, and the fact that the scene was paralleling with Laurel admitting to Monica that she was wrong in judging Richard, made it even funnier.

So did things turn out well for Pied Piper? Well… yes and no. Richard did screw up as usual, but they got saved by Big Head when he offered to sell some juicy information about Gavin to the tech blogger in exchange for Richard’s words. After having solved that problem, the boys are back at Elrich’s incubator and the only thing that’s left from PP’s headquarters is the uncomfortable-looking CEO chair. While the headquarters looked very neat, it wasn’t really going anywhere because it didn’t fit Richard and the rest of the group. Hopefully, having them all back under one roof again will bring Erlich back in the team as well as bring back the old group dynamics that have been missing this season.