Silicon Valley: A show that explains how the tech business world of Silicon Valley really works with a big dose of sense of humor. Full of geeky references, funny scenes and charismatic characters.

In A Nutshell

Silicon Valley tells the story of Richard Hendriks, a very shy and anxious young man who comes up with the idea of Pied Piper, “a universal compression engine that stacks on any file, data, video or image no matter what size”. Richard gathers a team of informatics and engineers and together they fight the competition and try to convince people that their idea is worth investing in.

Meet the Characters

Richard - Silicon Valley - The Daily Fandom


Richard is the main protagonist and he is the one who creates Pied Piper. He’s very anxious and gets easily stressed, often having to visit the doctor due to having panic attacks. His anxiety only gets worse when you see the people with whom he’s surrounded and the incredible pressure that comes from his project being successful.



elrich - silicon valley - the daily fandom


Elrich is the owner of the house where the Pied Piper team live and work. He’s probably the funniest member in the team. He acts as if he’s very savvy when it comes to business, but his attitude and behaviour often get them in trouble.




Gilfoyle - Silicon Valley - The Daily Fandom


Gilfoyle is that dude who has a permanent “too tired for your shit” face. He’s very blunt and sarcastic. He’s often seen with Dinesh, even though they don’t really get along that well since Gilfoyle is always rude towards him.




Dinesh - Silicon Valley - The Daily Fandom


Despite of being one of the nicest members of the team, Dinesh often has bad luck and complains about being too geeky and shy for the girls. He’s often arguing with Gilfoyle.




jared - silicon valley - the daily fandom


Jared is the last member to join the team. His real name is Donald Dunn but his teammates thought they’d give him a cooler name. He’s their CFO and business advisor. He’s incredibly polite and nice compared to the others, always wanting to analyse and plan everything. However, his extreme need for coming out as the nicest guy ever doesn’t always work.


A Brief History of Silicon Valley: the When, Where and How

Silicon Valley is an American comedy show broadcast by the HBO that started airing in 2014. The show was created by Mike Judge, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky.

It’s got two seasons and it’s already been renewed for a third one. The first season consists of 8 episodes while the second one expands to 10 episodes. The show has been renewed for a third season. Each episode is 20min long. It recently won two Critics’ Choice Television Awards, one for Best Comedy Series and another one for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (T. J. Miller).

Why It’s Awesome

silicon valley - the daily fandom

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Silicon Valley is similar to The Big Bang Theory in the sense that it’s a sitcom with a group of male friends who happen to be geeks and work in geeky fields. The main difference is that Silicon Valley has more to do with informatics and business than physics or science. Also, Silicon Valley is much more based on geekiness and business, while the CBS show seems to be more invested in friendship and relationships lately. And no, you can’t really imagine any sort of romance going on in Silicon Valley.

This show is incredibly funny. It didn’t win a ‘Best Comedy Series’ award for nothing. Apart from the more than memorable one-liners, the actors are also incredibly talented and sometimes just looking at their facial expressions or body movements is enough to make you laugh like crazy.

There’s only one “but” that I have for this series, which is something I’ve already talked about previously: the lack of women. They’ve sort of fixed that for this second season but I still don’t feel like it’s enough. There’s also some potential racism in the way in which secondary character Jian-Yang is portrayed: a dorky Asian that doesn’t really know what’s going on and continuously messes up. However they show those scenes in a way that almost seems self-critical. After all, this is parody of the world of Silicon Valley.

Regardless of that, you also have to give credit to this show for being always exciting and being able to deliver cliff hangers for pretty much every episode. This story is constantly changing the scenario and making new conflicts arise. It’s never peaceful in Silicon Valley, which only makes you want to keep watching.

Overall Score

Category Score
Show Quality 9 / 10
Characters 9 / 10 
Fandom 8 / 10
Geekiness 10 / 10
Drama/Comedy 9 / 10
Total 45 / 50