Silicon Valley ‘Maleant Data Systems Solutions’ Review


 ‘Maleant Data Systems Solutions’ picks up right where ‘Meinertzhagen’s Haversack’ left off and, as it turns out, Richard getting caught actually worked in their favor.


The boys getting caught in their plan in last episode didn’t go as badly as it could have. Yes, Barker is mad at them to the point that he considers firing them all, even when he said he would only be CEO if Richard was in the company. What Barker probably didn’t expect was for Richard to finally gather some courage and use his leverage to reach a deal that would keep them in the company. Richard has grown a lot since the beginning of the series and, while he still managed to somehow bump his head on the table after his badass speech, he’s far from the days in which he kept vomiting everytime someone offered him money for his business.

Fortunately, all of Richard’s suffering and hard work starts paying off as well. He keeps pushing his idea to work on the platform which would be (theoretically) more valuable than the box and Monica saves the day when she makes good on her word by supporting Richard. It’s kind of ironic that the last push they needed came from Gavin. Gavin has been in a downfall since last season, and even when he tries to screw Pied Piper over by acquiring End Frame, he still manages to help them by giving Pied Pieper a price point. With Barker out of the picture (for now), no one is CEO, so hopefully the show will focus on building the platform instead.

I’m not entirely convinced by Erlich’s storyline so far. Next to Jared, Erlich has always been Richard’s right hand, and I expected him to have a bit of a bigger role this season. Instead of that, both of them seem to be stuck with housing issues. Erlich’s incubator business has now been now compromised by Big Head. They decide to join forces by the end of the episode, so at least I hope this will work as a way for Big Head to go back to Pied Piper. It certainly feels like an end game for this character.


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