Silicon Valley: ‘Bad Money’ Review

Silicon Valley: 'Bad Money' Review 3

Our boys from Pied Piper keep struggling with the funding of their business. In ‘Bad Money’, a peculiar eccentric investor appears and makes them realise that not everything is as good as it sounds.

WARNING: This review contains SPOILERS

Gavin Belson from Hooli had made an offer to Richard in the last episode in which basically meant a case of “big fish eats smaller fish”. As excited as Richard is, the rest of the team don’t like the idea at all. Richard tries to make them see that it’s either take the deal or “watch Pied Piper die”. However, the others say that they’d rather go work on something else than go working for Hooli.

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Richard later meets Ross Hanneman. A man that, according to Monica, “got lucky twenty years ago and hasn’t done anything since”. They go for lunch together and Hanneman offers to help him with a very inspiration speech that seemed to come out from a Youtube motivational video. And we all know by now how gullible Richard is.

The show insists in making Gavin Belson look as evil as possible. But then again, the show always had a tendency to caricature these business personalities. In an interview, Belson compares the treatment of millionaires in America to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany, which obviously raises a lot of red flags.

Richard gets back to the boys with Hanneman’s $5M offer. But, once again, Richard’s excitement doesn’t last long when Monica appears to make him realise that he’s made another mistake and insists that he should take Hooli’s offer. Richard repeats Hanneman’s words saying that he should stop doing what he should do and start doing.

Monica has to face her boss and tell Laurie that they are now co-investors with Hanneman. Laurie is visibly offended and describes him as a “vulgar human being” and “utterly distasteful”. Even though Monica tries to look at the bright side of it, Laurie says that she should have avoided this agreement with Hanneman.

And they are both proved right when Hanneman comes to meet the team: no one likes him. He keeps making mean jokes and talking loudly on the phone during their meetings. He then reveals something that he hadn’t mentioned before: they don’t receive that money all at once but he will instead give it to them regularly depending on how they perform. In Dinesh’s words, “he’s the worst man in American and now he owns us”. 

bad money - silicon valley - the daily fandom

When they meet again with Hanneman and proceed to turn him down, he shows them an ad with a girl playing guitar, PP’s logo and a message that says “I am Pied Piper”. Apparently, for “awareness”. He gives them a new check that they can actually cash and tells them that he’s placed a lot of these ads around Gavin. The Hooli CEO is obviously furious and wants to counterattack, which brings us the long-awaited comeback of Big Head. 

With three episodes in, I think it’s safe to say that just like Season 1 dealt with the struggles of generating ideas, creating a new business and getting people to want to invest on it, Season 2 has more to do with getting funded and the negotiation in the business world. And no, Richard and co are not experts on that either.

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