‘Bachman’s Earning’s Over-Ride’ gives us the expected conflict of interests between Pied Piper and Erlich, resulting in one of the most solid episodes of this season.


 If there is one thing that stood out like a sore thumb this season was the small role Erlich had in the Pied Piper storylines. Even if his dynamics with Big Head made for some comedic moments, his character shines the brightest when he’s paired with Richard, not only for how different they are, but for how strong their relationship actually is (even if it takes desperate moments like this for them to show it).

From the beginning of the episode, Richard stated that he prefers it when Erlich is the face of the company. Richard has gotten much better at decision making (he didn’t hesitate once when given the choice to save either Erlich or Pied Piper), but he still struggles when it comes to talking with business people. And that’s OK, he doesn’t have to be good at every aspect of leading a company. He also had no problems confronting Monica over the phone (boy am I glad that that was solved quickly instead of creating the usual pointless drama that comes from this type of misunderstandings). Ultimately, Erlich did what he did because he was broke and he was too embarrassed to admit it. What happened to him he brought it on himself, but he redeemed himself by putting the company first. That action alone was enough to earn Richard’s trust and make him offer him the job of head of PR (or Chief Evangelist Officer), making the episode come full circle beautifully. Erlich might not be the best person for a PR position, but he knows the company more than anyone that they could possibly hire and he ultimately puts Pied Piper above everything else, including his own career.

Aside from that, the B-plot with the hideous Pied Piper jacket did not only serve for some comedic moments between Gilfoyle and Dinesh (as usual), but was also quite relevant as it turned out that the negative rumours around Pied Piper were actually about the merchandise itself and not about the stock. Poor Erlich.

‘Bachman’s Earning’s Over-Ride’ was much more eventful than previous episodes. After all the conflict in the episode, there was still time to announce that the Pied Piper app has been accepted for the Hooli store, giving Erlich the task of issuing his first press release.  However, if there is one thing that I kept thinking is that this episode felt… a bit too heartwarming. There’s two episodes left and we all know that Silicon Valley likes to end its seasons with very intense episodes that present new problems for the following season. Even though the Pied Piper boys can still have conflict without having an actual enemy, the scene when Gavin met Barker after getting fired might as well be set up for something big to happen. Maybe some sort of alliance against Pied Piper for the finale?