Now that Richard is back to being CEO of Pied Piper, Silicon Valley takes a small break in ‘Bachmanity Insanity’ to focus on dating… which is something that can never seem to work with these boys.


One of the aspects that made viewers compare Silicon Valley to The Big Bang Theory when it started airing was the fact that the story follows a group of geeky men who don’t have much luck in the love department. Unlike the CBS’s show, that fact still stands on Silicon Valley.

Maybe that’s why, even if we could have bought Richard dating Winnie for a few episodes (especially now that he seems to be more confident), it was very hard to believe that up to 3 boys from Pied Piper were suddenly getting lucky with women, hence making the episode predictable. Richard breaking up with Winnie because he prefers tabs over spaces was in tune with the show’s theme and it also led to the funniest scene in this episode: the nervous Nazi rant. However, it was sad that it ended so soon because, not only is it a silly reason to end a relationship, but Winnie also seemed to be a very nice girl and we are still in need for more female representation in the show. As per Dinesh, co-worker Elisabet stopped being interested in him once they videochat in HD, which was more sad than funny (I wonder if they’ll talk again after this). Lastly, there was not much to Jared’s story besides learning that he is, in fact, a sexual being.

Surprisingly, the most interesting part of ‘Bachmanity Insanity’ was on Erlich’s side. Him not being very active in Pied Piper is starting to pay off as Bighead and him are starting to have financial problems in their business. In fact, both Erlich and Gavin’s storylines ares ones that have been slowly cooking in the background and that might come into play as a surprise in the final episodes of the season.