Silicon Valley 'Adult Content' Recap and Review 5

Silicon Valley ‘Adult Content’ Recap and Review

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

The boys at Silicon Valley continue having trouble establishing their business, even though they’re slowly making progress. In ‘Adult Content’, after EndFrame had stolen their ideas, the boys go to their offices to complain. While being there, Richard finds out that Danesh’s phone already knows the wifi password of a company that close to that building and he admits that he went to a few interviews a couple weeks back when Richard said he was selling to Hooli.

Richard breaks in during the EndFrame meeting and confronts them. They defend themselves saying that it was legit: where Richard sees proof of stealing, they see proof of giving. However, Richard warns them that their tech is always gonna be worse, which is something that will be relevant later on.

Meanwhile, there’s trouble in paradise for Russ, who meets up with his business manager who tells him that his investments are performing very poorly. When Richard and Erlich go to his house they find him having a breakdown because he’s not a billionaire anymore and he’s “financially ruined”. Richard and Erlich are not that negative because he still has a lot of money. But that doesn’t work and Russ says he trusts Richard to get him out of this one by focusing more on the sales department. 

Jared doesn’t see it cause they’re just not built for it and Richard proceeds to tell Russ the bad news. Russ’s solution? Have Pied Piper merge with EndFrame, which they do (even thought i’ts actually more like EndFrame absorbing them), and they end up making more money than Pied Piper. Richard is obviously not happy so they argue over it and Russ wants to break the contract and take away his investment.

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No worries though, because apparently Gilfoyle has played ninja and has hacked into EndFrame’s system and now has the details of the deal with their client (a pornography site). According to Gilfoyle, they were dumb enough to leave the log-in info on a post-it while they were in the room so therefore, he sees it as “social engineering” or “natural selection”. Richard sees it as illegal but hey, it’s worth 15M$, meaning that they have the chance to steal just like EndFrame did. More and more tough decisions for Richard.

During a (crazy) meeting of the porn industry, Richard goes to talk to the client and after some convincing on how they can create faster and better quality, she gives him a chance. The next day, when EndFrame goes to meet with their client, they find the boys from Silicon Valley in the room. She says that she’ll give both of them a chance and will later review and see who does a better job. And this is when Richard telling them that their tech is better comes into action.


I often say that we don’t get to know much about the characters of this story and their relationship as we’re often focusing on Pied Piper and the business world in Silicon Valley. That is one of the main differences with similar shows like The Big Bang Theory, which seems to focus more on relationships than on the geeky scientific stuff lately. That’s why I found it odd to see some scenes about Dinesh flirting with some girl called Karen on the phone. Especially since when they met, it turned out that she had already been in that house before because she had had a thing with Erlich. A bit pointless?

Meanwhile, at Hooli…

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After the big disaster that was their livestream, Gavin talks to his team on what is failure and ponders on whether the glitch was one or not. He uses examples through history and sees their failure as “a stepping stone” or “pre-greatness” but his team isn’t buying it. However, he later adds that there’s a secret function that is gonna be game-changing for the company and that it could justify any future mistake. Except that that function is so secret that not even Gavin knows it so he asks his dream team to find it out. Big Head presents the idea of controlling the Hooli phone with neural impulses. Gavin is more than impressed but Big Head says they still have to figure out how it’ll work and that it’s gonna be used until later generations, which obviously disappoints Gavin.

I have to say this episode felt longer since we usually only see Silicon Valley and Hooli’s side of the story but this time we also got Dinesh and his women problems so it felt like there were more things going on, especially since Silicon Valley’s story is having constant twists and turns. As a CEO, Richard spends a lot of time facing difficulties and being incredibly stressed over making very tough decisions. However, the end of this episode was refreshing because, this time, instead of having a cliff hanger due to some new obstacle, Richard proved that he can actually handle those situations and even take the bull by the horns. We’ll see where this goes.

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