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One Piece: The anime that goes on forever. The most epic story told in the last 10 years. Full of friendship, epic battles and lots of laughs and tears. If you like adventures, comedy and incredibly lovable characters, look no further!

In a Nutshell

20 years ago Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, was executed by the Marine in Loguetown. Before he died, he talked about the One Piece, the big treasure he had left behind in an island called Raftel in the Grand Line. His words inspired thousands of pirates to sail the seas in what is known as the biggest pirate era. At age 17, Monkey D. Luffy starts his own adventure to make all his dreams come true. In the way he will find nakamas that will accompany through his journey and support him no matter what. With the addition of the Akuma no Mi, fruits that give you special powers, epic fights and exciting adventures are ensured.

Meet the Characters

luffy - one piece - the daily fandom

Ever since he was a little kid, Luffy dreamed of becoming a pirate and being the freest man in the world. Luffy is childish, innocent, energetic and friendly, but he can be really scary when he gets mad. He ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi, which makes him a rubber man. He is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates.


zoro - one piece - the daily fandom

You will never see Zoro without his katanas. Zoro enjoys being a dickhead, cutting stuff and facing strong opponents. Even though he’s often seen on his own, sleeping or getting lost, he truly cares for his nakamas and he would follow Luffy to the end of the world.


nami - one piece - the daily fandom

 Nami is the navigator. She’s got a good heart and is kind to everybody. That is until she finds money or treasures that need to be stolen. She’s usually the most mature person on the ship.



usopp - one piece - the daily fandom

 Usopp is known for being, as his name suggests, a liar. He’s also a coward. But don’t let him fool you, when it comes to saving his nakamas, Usopp turns into his Sogeking mode and he fights with all his will. You can often find him messing around the ship with Luffy and Chopper.


Sanji - One Piece - The Daily Fandom

Sanji is the cook. He’s a total gentleman and can’t stop loving women, which makes him get lots of nosebleeds. You’ll find him in the kitchen, flailing around Nami and Robin or fighting with Zoro. He’s known as Kuroashi because of his kicking skills.


Chopper - One Piece - The Daily Fandom

 Chopper is the doctor. And no, he’s not a raccoon, he’s a reindeer. He ate the Hito Hito no Mi, and is able to transform in 7 different forms for fighting. He’s the youngest in the crew and is often seen as childish and easily scared. He’s also often referred as the “pet” of the crew.


Three more nakamas join the crew down the road.

A brief history of One Piece: the When, Where and How

One Piece is the creation of mangaka Eiichiro Oda. The manga started being serialised in 1997 and the anime version arrived in 1999. With more than 600 episodes, One Piece recently celebrated its 17th anniversary. Even though the anime was first licensed by 4Kids, it was changed to Funimation in 2007. One Piece is incredibly popular in Japan, where it even has a shop and a theme park. The success has also translated to the rest of the world, making it the best selling manga of all time.

Why it’s awesome

one piece - the daily fandom

One Piece has everything you could ever ask from an adventure show. It has an incredibly detailed story with lots of different settings and characters. Each saga usually contains a different island and therefore, different characters and different villains. Through all the sagas, the main characters keep evolving and getting stronger.

The show is awesome because it’s all about friendship and being free to do what you want. It’s about will, determination and the thirst for adventure. If you’re one of those people (like me) who thinks life is too boring compared to fiction, then this show will be like your escape of reality. The world of One Piece is HUGE. And, at the same time, everything is connected. One of the best things of the anime is that there aren’t any plot holes. Oda treats his work with love and careful detail so every character stays true to themselves and there are no plot holes or things that are left unresolved.

And, oh, the comedy. Starting from Luffy, Sanji and Zoro’s fights, or Brook’s jokes, the show is all about laughter and having a good time. You’ll find yourself pulling WTF-faces in pretty much every episode because everyone in this show is nuts. I’ve had tears in my eyes from watching this show. Both from laughter and from sadness. Because, before you can realise it, you’ve becomed too attached to these characters and everything hurts too much.

Overall Score

Show Quality9,5 / 10
Characters9 / 10
Fandom9 / 10
Animation/Soundtrack8 / 10
Comedy/Drama10 / 10
Total45,5 / 50