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Sho-File: ‘Queer as Folk’

Queer as Folk: The groundbreaking show that every gay person was waiting for in the 2000s. It’s like any other show about a group of friends going through life and trying to have fun… except with gay people.

In a Nutshell

The story follows a group of gay friends (Brian, Michael, Justin, Emmett and Ted) as they enjoy their youth in the city of Pittsburgh. You can often find them working in the morning, hitting the gym in the afternoon and having fun (and trying to get laid) at night at Babylon, a gay club. The show also features a lesbian couple, Lindsay and Melanie, as well as Michael’s mother, Debbie, who owns a bar in the gay neighbourhood and is extremely proud of her gay son. The series follows the relationship between these five friends, their sexual and romantic relationships and the problems of living in an often homophobic environment.

Meet the Characters

Brian Kinney - queer as folk - the daily fandom
Brian Kinney

Brian is all about meaningless sex. He despises love and cheesy conversations. He usually acts like an arrogant and selfish person. However, his friends understand that part of him and love him anyway. Even when his acts appear as too extreme, he’s always doing it because he cares for his friends. He lives for the now, and doesn’t want to form any attachments to any of his sex partners. It’s all “use and dispose of” for him. 



Justin Taylor - queer as folk - the daily fandom
Justin Taylor

Justin is the youngest of the group as he’s still a high school student when he appears. He joins the group through Brian, after losing his virginity to him and falling in love with him. At first Brian and the rest of the gang reject him because he’s too young and clingy, but they end up getting used to him. As he has problems with his family and school due to homophobia, he starts working at Debbie’s bar in exchange for living in her house. He hates being looked down for looking young and innocent. Because of that, he often acts tough and wants to act like Brian to make him jealous.


Michael Novotny - queer as folk - the daily fandom
Michael Novotny

Michael is Brian’s best friend and they have known each since school. Everybody says he’s still in love with Brian and that he has something pendant with him: sex. He’s a geek and enjoys reading superhero comics. He works at K-Mart. At first, he is the one who opposes the most to the idea of Justin joining the gang. He often acts as the most reasonable one, and the one who wants to settle down as soon as possible.



Emmett Honeycutt - queer as folk - the daily fandom
Emmett Honeycutt

Emmett is the most flamboyant one in the group. He’s also probably the sassiest gay character you’ll ever see. He values his friends over anything, often getting mad at other men who want to take advantage of his friends. He loves being at Babylon, having fun and looking at other men.




Ted Schmidt - queer as folk - the daily fandom
Ted Schmidt

Ted has low self-esteem. He doesn’t see himself as young or hot as the other boys and often jokes about himself being the only one who is always rejected by other men. He works as an accountant, lives on his own and loves opera. He’s often the one to make sarcastic, envies Briand and finds it hard to believe when someone shows interest in him.




A Brief History of Queer as Folk: The When, Where and How

Queer as Folk is an American-Canadian drama based on the UK show with the same name. The show was released in 2000 and has 5 seasons. 

This series was quite groundbreaking in its time, as it included the first simulated sex scene between two men on American television. The series also had no problem in exploring controversial issues such as same-sex marriage, gay adoption, drug use or HIV/AIDS.

Why It’s Awesome

queer as folk - the daily fandomDo I need to say more?

This is the perfect show for gay men and, to some extent, for lesbian women. But, even though the series’ main focus is gay men, the show is all about queer people, friendship and taking care of each other. In many ways, watching this show feels incredibly refreshing. And that has even more value considering that this show came out 15 years ago.

There are many reasons why this show keeps you hooked from episode 1. First of all, it’s how new everything feels. When you get a queer reference in any other show, you treasure it like it’s something special. But here, it just feel normal and natural. Everything is about the gay lifestyle and problems that the gay people can encounter in their daily lives. So much that it’ll have gay people thinking “Oooh, so this is what straight people feel when they watch TV!”

Yes, the show is about a group of friends living their lives and there are many jokes. But there is also a lot of drama. There are questions of identity, of fitting in, of friendship and of love. These people have problems and plenty of conflicts during the course of the story.

No, you don’t need to be gay to understand this show. It’s just like gay people can understand mainstream TV perfectly without being straight. At the end of the day, this show is about respecting and loving each other for who we are, not for what we are.

Overall Score

Category Score
Show Quality 8 / 10
Characters 8 / 10
Fandom 8/ 10
Diversity 8 / 10
Drama/Comedy 10 / 10
Total 42 / 50


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