Sho-File: Orange is the New Black

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Orange is the New Black: Women, LOTS OF WOMEN. Women struggling to survive in prison with their moving backstories and great sense of humour. Expect lots of drama, comedy and amazing LGBT representation.

In a Nutshell

Piper Chapman is a woman in her thirties that is forced to go to prison for a crime she committed a decade ago: being accomplice of her girlfriend’s drug dealing. Now Piper, who was happily engaged, has to go back to her roots and face her past in the hell that she expects prison to be.

Meet the Characters

Piper Chapman - orange is the new black - the daily fandom
Piper Chapman

Piper is the lead character of the series. Everything that happens in prison usually revolves around her. She was in a problematic relationship with Alex Vause is in the past but is now engaged to Larry Bloom. Even though there’s no canon confirmation, she’s believed to be bisexual. At first, she’s shy and afraid prison, but with time she gets used to it and starts to stand up for herself.



alex vause - orange is the new black - the daily fandom
Alex Vause

Alex is Piper’s ex-girlfriend. She’s in prison for selling drugs and Piper is mad at her because she believes she gave her away in court. She’s a smart and pretty independent person. However, she tries desperately to get back with Piper.




larry bloom - orange is the new black - the daily fandom
Larry Bloom

Larry is Piper’s fiance. At first, he’s very supportive of her and promises her that her stay in prison will be shorter than she thinks. However, with time, and after finding out about Alex, he starts getting jealous and impatient.




sam healy - orange is the new black - the daily fandom
Sam Healy

Mr. Healy is one of the people working at the prison. At first he’s shown to believe in Piper and her good will, serving as an anchor for her inside the prison. However, things change with time.

*There are SO MANY MORE characters in this show as you can see in the photo above. However, it i’d be super long (not to say spoiler-y) to feature all the characters in this file. 

A Brief History of Orange is the New Black: The When, Where and How

Orange is the New Black is an American show released on Netflix in 2013. Created by Jenji Kohan, the idea is based on the book Orange is the New Black: My Year in Women’s Prison, a memoir by Piper Kerman. The show currently has two seasons and has been renewed for a third one, which will be released on Netflix during the summer.

Popularly shortened OITNB, the show has gained a lot of fame since its release for their cast and the way they portray collectives such as lesbians and transgender (Laverne Cox has a recurring role as transgender Sophia Burset). With time, OITNB has built an incredibly loyal fanbase and has received up to 12 Primetime Emmy Awards nominations.

Why It’s Awesome


OITNB is great because it feels new and refreshing. I mean, how many shows have you seen that have a cast that’s 90% women? And I’m not talking about sitcoms or shows that focus only on women issues. No, this is a show about prison, about inmates, about human beings trying to survive and find friendships (or alliances) in what they believe is hell. 

This is a show in which being gay is normal, but it’s still not the main focus of the series. The way in which the Piper-Alex-Larry love triangle serves as a reflection of Piper’s internal conflict between her past and what she believes is her future is just exquisite.

There are so many smart and funny one-liners that you can’t help but become one of those fans who binge-watch the whole season once it’s released in summer. And who can blame you? This show is REALLY addictive.

On the other hand, its opening (spoiler-free) is probably one of the best intros I’ve heard in the last few years!

Overall Score

Show Quality9 / 10
Characters8/ 10
Fandom8/ 10
Comedy/Drama ratio9 / 10
8 / 10
Total42/ 50