Sho-File: Hannibal

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Hannibal: We all remember that one spring of 2013 when the Hannibal fandom suddenly appeared on Tumblr. The premise of the show didn’t seem one of those that inspire a big fandom at first: crime, mystery, cannibalism, sociopaths, deep psychological conversations… but, somehow, its flawless cast, cinematography and ability to create plot twists had a lot of people hooked. Ourselves included.

In a Nutshell

Will Graham is as criminal profiler hired by FBI agent Jack Crawford. Due to his psychopathic tendencies, Graham gets in the mind of criminals to help the FBI solve cases. Crawford has him supervised by psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who is a killer and a cannibal. Of course they don’t know that.

Meet the Characters

will graham - hannibal - the daily fandom
Will Graham (Hugh Dancy)

Will is our troubled main character. He helps the police investigate crimes due to his ability of visualization, a process in which he visualizes himself committing the crimes. However, those efforts take a toll on him personally and on his mental health. Due to his problems, he often feels insecure and he feels like he cannot live life to the fullest like any other human being. He finds in Hannibal one of the few people who actually understand him.



hannibal lecter - hannibal - the daily fandom
Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen)

Do we really need to introduce this character? Hannibal shares the protagonism with Will, and serves as his partner in his problematic mind. He’s an excellent cook. No matter what he’s cooking, you’ll want a taste of it. That’s why he often has guests over to have dinner. Of course none of them know what they’re actually eating… Over the episodes, Hannibal develops a particular interest in Will.



Jack Crawford - hannibal - the daily fandom
Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne)

Jack is an FBI agent. He’s in charge of Will and he often takes him to cases to help with the investigation. However, even though he means well, he usually ends up damaging Will even more. That’s why he introduces him to Hannibal. Over the episodes, he keeps going back and forth whether he should keep using Will for his cases or not. 



A Brief History of Hannibal: The When, Where and How

Hannibal was created by Bryan Fuller and started being broadcast on NBC on April 4th, 2013 . The series is based on Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon.  The show was an instant success and it received very positive critics for its cast and its visual elements.

The show currently has two seasons and has been renewed for a third one that will be released this summer, a bit later than expected.

Why It’s Awesome

hannibal - the daily fandom

Just like we stated at the beginning, criminal shows are usually not accompanied by big fandoms. However, Hannibal is an exception. Why? Because it’s been able to incorporate new elements that make the stories much more appealing to the audience.

Hannibal is not only a show about a criminal and an agent trying to catch him. It also tells us about these people, how they feel, why they feel the way they feel and how they help each other overcome their problems. The fact that they don’t know that it’s usually Hannibal himself who’s behind those murders makes everything all the more exciting and interesting. 

The reasons that this show will hook you up are its cleverness, its profound conversations and the fact that it won’t treat you like a fool like many other criminal shows do. However, you should be warned that this is also a horror thriller, and that you will see plenty of blood and disturbing images and situations. It’s a show about crime and cannibalism after all. If you feel like you have the stomach for that (no pun intended), then go ahead and join the Fannibals!

Overall Score

Show Quality9’5 / 10
Characters8/ 10
Fandom8/ 10
Comedy/Drama ratio7 / 10
9’5 / 10
Total42/ 50