Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Alchemy, brotherhood, plot twists, comedy and an amazing soundtrack. Those are the ingredients for an epic anime and the reasons why everybody should watch this show.

In a Nutshell

Edward and Alphonse Elric, also known as the Elric siblings, are two brothers who, in an attempt to resurrect their deceased mother, committed the forbidden practice of human transmutation. In result to that, Alphonse lost his whole body and Edward lost his leg. In order to save his little brother, Edward seals Alphonse’s soul to an armour, in exchange for losing his arm. Their goal is to find the philosopher stone, an incredibly source of power that can help them get their bodies back. However, they found themselves involved in a big mess concerning philosopher stones, homunculus, their government and the extermination of humanity.

Meet the Characters

edwarwd elric - fullmetal alchemist brotherhood - the daily fandom

Edward Elric

Despite being the older brother, Ed has a complex of being small and the fact that he hates milk probably doesn’t help. He’s righteous and, even though he wants to get his and his brother’s bodies back, he accepts the fact that it was their fault and he wants to do the right thing. He’s a state alchemist and he’s known as “the fullmetal alchemist” due to his metallic arm and leg.


alphonse elric - fullmetal alchemist brotherhood - the daily fandom

Alphonse Elric

Al is perceived as the more mature and smart sibling. He doesn’t get taken away by his emotions and he’s always there to keep his brother down to Earth. He has a very pure heart and he’s nice to everyone. Due to not having a body, Al often has identity issues. Is he really human? 



winry rockbell - fullmetal alchemist brotherhood - the daily fandom

Winry Rockbell

She’s the childhood friend of El and Al. She’s a mechanic and she’s in love with automails. She’s in charge of fixing Ed’s automails and she always gets mad when he breaks them during fights. She lost her parents during the war and considers Ed and Al her only family. Unlike Ed and Al, she’s not an alchemist.


A brief history of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: The When, Where and How

 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an anime released in 2009. There is also a previous version called Fullmetal Alchemist which was released in 2004. The author didn’t want the anime to be exactly the same as the manga, so the animators chose a different ending for the story. However, Brotherhood does follow the same story as the manga. Both animes are incredibly popular and well-acclaimed among anime fans and it’s considered “a must” for most. Up to four volumes of the manga find themselves among the 10 most sold comic books in Japan. Two movies were also released: Conqueror of Shamballa (2005) and The Sacred Star of Milos (2011).

Why it’s Awesome

fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood - the daily fandom
Brotherhood is awesome for pretty much all the factors that were stated in the beginning of the file. This show is full of plot twists, cliffhangers, excitement and creepy stuff. It’s the kind of anime that is able to drag you to its world to the point where you actually suffer with these characters because everything is so believable and explained with detail.

One of the major factors of the show (and the one that got me hooked in the first place) is the relationship between the brothers (as a fan of Supernatural, I’m a fan of shows involving siblings). Edward and Alphonse’s brotherhood feels real, because it’s not plagued with the typical “oh brother I love you so much because we’re family” or “I’m your older brother and therefore I have to protect you because you’re younger and useless”. No, they act like normal brothers and their relationship is healthy (*side-eyes Supernatural*). Both characters are very likeable and you become interested in them since Episode 1.

Even though this is a short story (64 episodes) compared to other shonen epic animes like One Piece, Naruto or Bleach, the show is incredibly rich and well-built. There are tons of characters and all of them have an interesting compelling story that makes them relevant. Everyone has a function and no one is useless. The plot advances naturally. It is intense, but it doesn’t feel rushed. And oh, the battles. They’re all different from each other and interesting to watch. It is REALLY entertaining to watch the characters fight, even if it’s alchemy or just throwing punches.

And if that wasn’t enough, the audiovisual aspects are also to be considered. The animation is solid and really stands out during the fight scenes, where other animes usually fail. The settings are beautiful and help you feel part of the atmosphere. The soundtrack is also gorgeous and fits the anime perfectly giving it that epic/dramatic/nostalgic tone. 

Overall Score

Category Score
Show Quality 9 / 10
Characters 9/ 10
Fandom 8 / 10
Comedy/Drama ratio 8 / 10
Character Designs
7 / 10
Total 41/ 50