Ghosted in LA (the series including Ghosted in LA #5, Ghosted in LA #6, and Ghosted in LA #7 covered in this review) is by Sina GraceSiobhan KeenanCathy Le, and DC Hopkins.

We didn’t forget about you Ghosted In LA, we promise. We have a joint review of issues #5, #6, and #7; the last place we saw you was at Ghosted In LA #4, if you haven’t read that one, go for it. Nonetheless, quite a bit has happened since we last saw you guys, someone else died (we have another ghost); three people know where Daphne lives (which is against the rules); I started shipping a ghost and a human (which honestly doesn’t feel as weird as I thought); Daphne’s BFF is visiting her in LA… so much has happened. The most important something is that… the new ghost is kinda cute… I’m into it. Also, I kind of ship the new ghost and Daphne. Okay, Ghosted In LA #5:

We Have A New Ghost In The Picture In Ghosted In LA #5?

The new ghost arrives, Zola, and is a bit depressed, no one can help her feel better so they ask Daphne to see if she can fangirl out and help her feel better. As she talks with Zola, she realizes that Zola just wanted to do the things she used to do, but the utmost favorite thing she enjoyed to do is play the guitar and she can’t.

Daphne’s vexatious friend Kristi is back and she’s stalking Daphne because she’s not talking to her as much as she used to. She takes a trip to LA and then rushes her way to find Daphne. Bernard and Ronnie almost got my ship confirmation until Kristi ruined the moment. Also, I need to find out what happened with the secret door.

Do You Ship Zola & Daphne In Ghosted In LA #6?

We get a bit of flirting from Daphne and Zola in Ghosted in LA #6, I ship it. This issue deals with how Daphne is going to deal with Kristi being in LA, Daphne now has to prove she’s normal and not avoiding her best friend. They spend a day together and it’s a swell time. Zola writes a cute message for Daphne on the wall, again, I ship. Daphne then yells at Kristi and again Kristi cries and runs away. The biggest part of this issue is that Zola is glowing and Daphne’s roommate might have heard her talking about ghosts. So what else could possibly happen to Daphne?

Daphne’s Life Is A Movie (Or Very Well Should Be) In Ghosted In LA #7

In this month’s issue, Shirley is moving on… and by moving on we mean to the afterlife (at least that is what it seems like). However, before this, Zola is radiating and her powers, as we see, were connected to the room we saw a few issues ago. What is this room and what could it possibly be? Daphne’s roommate is still weird and snooping on Daphne and every conversation she has, which is equally weird.

My favorite ghost, Ricky, is feeling lonely because everyone has someone to hang out with and he doesn’t. Daphne threw him to the side for Zola and everyone else is kind of… absent. Nonetheless, AGI seems to be coming along and she even had admitted that she’s been too strict, so what can come of this next issue? I suppose we will have to wait until Ghosted in LA #8.

The Team Behind This Comic Is Phenomenal

The team behind this comic is consistent, each issue has a pop of color, various panels that stand out, and cute outfits (even on the ghosts). One aspect that stands out is the coloring, there is always such vibrant coloring and lettering. The comic is not as dialogue-heavy as most, but the speech bubbles are aesthetic, to say the least. I particularly loved pages 6, 15, 17, and 24. As this issue is consistent with the others, one thing we can look forward to is more of it.

This issue brought up much of what we are going to see going forth — the conversation of moving on. How do we do that and how do we accomplish doing that effectively? Each character has their own version of this and some tend to move on in different ways than others. Shirley will have that conundrum in the upcoming issues. How does she move on? We hope to see more of this conversation because that is something truly incredible to add to an astonishing series like this.

Are You All Caught Up Until Ghosted In LA #7?

This is a magical series to read, and while we hope these reviews convince you to read it, I couldn’t recommend another like this because there isn’t one. This series is unprecedented in and of itself, so please do read it when you have the chance. It is quite marvelous. The concept of ghosts and humans interacting and using that as a basis for something bigger is spectacular. If you have yet to read this comic and are on the fence, read it.

We’ve missed a few, but what’s great about this series is that when you miss 1-2 issues, it is so easy to catch up. It is not plot-heavy, which is great because the story doesn’t call for it. What you know about these characters is consistent and it makes for a great series to just pick back up and continue. Again, you can grab issue #5 and still have enough basis to continue from there. Buy them all, but you can start with a random issue, which I have talked about in earlier reviews.

“Shipping” Ghosts In Ghosted In LA #7